What's Your Favorite Key Series

Topic started by Black_Rose on Feb. 13, 2009. Last post by cfatalis 5 years, 4 months ago.
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  • Kanon (2002)
  • Air
  • Clannad/After Story
  • Kanon (2006)
Post by OkazukiIchigo (350 posts) See mini bio Level 11
I chose Clannad/After Story because it makes you feel abit better after those depressing moments
Post by jlrm01 (198 posts) See mini bio Level 7
So far, I like Clannad / After Story the most. I like Kanon (2006) a lot, but Clannad makes me laugh a ton more and Nagisa is probably my favorite female character. I knew I was in for something awesome since the very first minute of the first episode...

Never managed to watch all of Air... didn't grab me at all. Might try again some day.
Post by Void_Wizard (735 posts) See mini bio Level 9
It's no doubt Air for me sure the others are good, but Clannad would be last.(over Kanon 2002) Also, I hate Nagisa.
Post by hazelnutman (142 posts) See mini bio Level 2
Clannad for me.
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Man... I feel bad... Has anyone else sat down and watched all of the 2002 Kanon all the way through? Looking back I have no idea how I managed to... I must've been really desperate.

Clannad's my favorite. Kanon (either version, doesn't matter too much in terms of the main plot) seemed a bit too out there with it's plot and the main characters all seemed a little too focused on the lead as if all of their lives just rotated around him. Air was just plain awesome, but the part with the bird through me off watching it the first time.... still, I enjoyed it a ton and to this date I can't stand to listen to ending theme because it makes me want to cry...

Clannad though just seems like everything finally came together. The game, although strangely the most suitable, was the only one of the three that wasn't an eroge (I don't want to know how Air was...), and it was tons of fun. The anime itself was pretty good too. The first time watching it through I hadn't played the game, and I thought it was pretty good, but that damn Fuuko was really annoying. After playing the game, I went back, and I still found Fuuko annoying, but what bugged me even moreso was that they spent 5 episodes on "DOUZO STARFISH!!", yet they barely gave Kyou 1!.... the move to give Tomoyo her own OVA though really impressed me and made me extremely happy. In any case, I just think the characters seemed a lot more believeable in Clannad than in Kanon (though I still don't know why the hell they made that moe blob Nagisa the main girl...hell, Kotomi is more interesting and she has trouble speaking normally!)
Post by Black_Rose (1,204 posts) See mini bio Level 11
HeeroYuy said:
"that damn Fuuko was really annoying."
You just made a lot of enemies.
Post by charizardpal (1 posts) See mini bio Level 1
How about One Kagayaku Kisetsu e?  No one talks about it, because few people in America has played it, but that had the the BEST and most intense story of all of Key's tories.  Imagine: you the main character are about to be spirited away to another dimension, trapped in solitude, and everyone will soon forget you (due to a promise you made to be with your sister forever, after she died.)  But now you're trying to change your fate....and is it already too late?
I thought One had the most original personalites of the Key girls, and Nanase was my favorite...I like her even better than Ayu or Rin.
Post by AgentJ (1,545 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Haven't seen anything from Key. 
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
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