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A game developer focused on eroge and visual novels - known for their elaborate stories, industry-leading character design and moody musical score, and a specific theme for each title they make.

Before it's founding, the co-founders (Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, Itaru Hinoue ) were together in another company - Tactics. They contributed in the making of two games; 'Moon' and 'One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e' before their transfer to the game publishing company 'Visual Art's' where they found the company, on 21 July 1998.
Their debut title was 'Kanon' on 4 June 1999, an eroge which kept it's H-scene's minimal and focused on it's characters, with great visuals and music. In a year time - on 8 September 2000, they released their second title 'Air'' with similar a storytelling.
Their third title 'Clannad' released on 28 April 2004 - a Visual Novel focused heavily on characters and story;  this also made it one of the longest visual novels of all time.
After Clannad's release, they released their short-story 'Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume' on 7 November 2004 - a kinetic visual novel, which gives no interaction  for the reader; only the enjoyment. Contrary to key's other titles, it tells of a story, staged in a post-apocalyptic world.
On 25 November 2005, they released 'Tomoyo After: It's A Wonderful Life' which might be called a sequel for Clannad. This title - with H content - branched on Tomoyo's route - one of the heroines of Clannad.
Their 6th title 'Little Busters!' released on 27 July 2007 held many interractions for the reader. Another version of the title - namely 'Little Busters! Ecstacy' a year after it's release, 25 July 2008 with H content, 3 new heroines (2 being support characters, promoted in to one) and an even longer storyline than Clannad.
Key is now working on 'Rewrite' their 8th title and a mixed-media project: 'Angel Beats!'.
 On general, key is a company that feeds on your tears. Your love for their characters is your downfall. Many of their stories start off with the protagonist meeting and enjoying many characters in-story. As the story progress, each character you come to love sadistically gets befelled by tragedy, one by one - and you get your share of it as well. You WILL shed tears - you are no human if you don't do so. Readying a stack of tissues and a knife underhand (in case of a need to kill one's self) is a common advice given by their many fans. 
They now work under the publishing of 'Visual Arts', with an independent record label named 'Key Sounds Label'. They release soundtracks of their titles, remixes of their songs from OTSU (Organized Trance Sequential Unit) or independent DJs, their live concerts and original albums, not related to their works. They also manage an internet radio, namely 'Key Net Radio' which feature Shinji Orito and Hitaru Inoue, discussing various things related to key; from their Comiket stands to their oncoming titles.
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Company Name Key
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City Kita
State Osaka
Country Japan
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Date Founded July 21, 1998, midnight
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