Shaman King #25 - Key

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 11/03/2009

Plot Summary

Yoh and Lyserg trick Luchist and defeat him; they learn what angels are made much to their surprise. Back at Yoh's house, everyone including Opacho and Luchist hear Yoh's plan of attack to defeat Hao when he falls into a temporary coma. Team Ren fights Team Wisdom Kings in the first match of the second round in the Shaman King fight.


Japanese Release Date: July 4, 2003

American Release Date: November 3, 2009

Note: These are dub's contents and the Japanese titles may not fit it.

Reincarnation 216 - Angel Bait -罠パイオニア (Wana paionia) - page 7

Reincarnation 217 - Comeback Execution - 逆転葬らむ(Gyakuten sōramu) - page 27

Reincarnation 218 - It's a Supercar -スーパーカーだ (Sūpākā da) - page 47

Reincarnation 219 - The Summit -サミット (Samitto) - page 65

Reincarnation 220 - I Must Win - 必勝 (Hisshō) - page 85

Reincarnation 221 - A Lotus in the Mud - 泥中の蓮 (Deichū no Ren) - page 105

Reincarnation 222 - Types of Buddhas - 仏の種類 (Hotoke no shurui) - page 125

Reincarnation 223 - Neutral, That's all - 中庸ということ (Chūyō to iu koto) - page 145

Reincarnation 224 - Humility - 不自負 (Fu jifu) - page 165


Character Profiles

CharacterBirthday (Age)Astrological Sign and Blood
LuchistJune 1, 1949 (51)Gemini and B
OpachoEstimated Age: 5Unknown

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 216 - Angel Bait

Yoh attacks Luchist's angel with the Spirit of Sword, but his attack does nothing against Lucifer. Luchist does not understand Yoh; Yoh explains that the X-Laws save Ren's life, and he come her to ask them. With Yoh stating that he will be shaman king, Luchist's angel smashes down the ground which Yoh jumps in the air. Lucifer gets behind Yoh then Yoh counters with giant halo blade. Yet, Lucifer grabs Yoh's oversoul. As Luchist prepares to have Lucifer use his hammer, Shamash has Yoh in a cage. Lyserg's thoughts reveal Yoh's plan to use Imari and Shigaraki to make a fake Jeanne.

Reincarnation 217 - Comeback Execution

Recalling recruiting Lady Jeanne, Luchist must find the real Jeanne. Luchist thinks that Jeanne and Shamash is fake because oversouls cast no shadow. He aims for Lyserg, yet Lyserg is a fake. Yoh explains that Shamash is real, and Lyserg use Zeruel to bring out Lady Jeanne. Luchist realize that he has fallen in a double trap. Also, Lyserg states that he stay inside the Ark X's shadow. Lyserg finishes off Luchist's Lucifer with Zeruel. Luchist falls unconscious with a smile because Hao is right about Yoh's abilities.

On the beach, Lyserg and Yoh stare at the sky with Luchist's unconscious body nearby. Amidamaru tells Yoh to take his gun away, but Yoh tells him it is okay. Lady Jeanne stares at the sky.

Reincarnation 218 - It's a Supercar

Lyserg states that Lady Jeanne is in shock because she knows she is not holy but a regular girl. With the car on the beach, Lyserg points out that people will be shock that angels are made of cars.

Yoh thinks it is like Tsuko-mo-gami, an object cherished for a long time that develops a soul. Yoh thinks the car is a gundam. Marco appears behind (suddenly) and informs them it is a Lamborghini Countach P400 with a V12 DOHC engine (Dual Overhead Cams). It's top speed is 190 miles an hour. For Marco's car, it is a 1992 Ferrari TEstarossa. Marco explains he is a CEO who sold supercars at a company called Super Marco LLC. With Luchist's money, he build the company and is about to reach fame and success. One day, Hao appear, and Marco lost everything, the orphanage, and the children.

Marco explains that his goal is to kill Hao. Yet, Marco is not angry because he states that truth is indifferent to good and evil. Marco prepares to kill himself with a gun to his head. In the nick of time, Lady Jeanne stops Marco form doing it. She tells him that she has accepted the truth and still believe in their mission.

She tells him that the world needs laws, and she orders Marco to continue to teach her. As she tells Yoh that they are enemies, Marco did an X stance because Lady Jeanne is a true holy mother.

Reincarnation 219 - The Summit

The following day, Anna gets annoyed with more guests like Luchist, Opacho, Lady Jeanne, Marco, and the rest of the X-Laws are dining. Luchist tells her to relax and that they should enjoy each other's company. Marco comments that Luchist is up to no good which the two strip to their battle uniforms much to Tamao's surprise. Lyserg hands a Belgian chocolate to calm Marco down, and Marco orders dingbat to get him coffee. Yet, Dingbat refuses since Marco deceived them. Marco feels bad that team X-III is dead, but Lady Jeanne hands him coffee. She states that she will bear responsibility and that the X-Laws will change.

The X-Laws do their X-stance. Ren gets angry while Horohoro gets infatuated with Jeanne. The party ends when Anna has her shikigami smash everyone, and she asks Yoh to shout out his plan. Yoh states that Hao will win the shaman king fight and that his mana level is 1,250,000. (Marco is shocked) Ren gets angry that Yoh is giving up, but Yoh states that the winner undergoes a purification ritual where that person falls in a temporary coma in order to merge with the great spirit. Yoh explains that this is where they will strike. However, Luchist states that Hao is already aware of the plan and that they must defeat the ten Patch defending the King. Also, Hao's minions are there as well. Opacho expresses his terror. When Lyserg is confused, Anna answers that only a few chosen shamans can go there. (12 people to be exact).

Reincarnation 220 - I Must Win

At the baths, Team Ren discuss about Yoh's plan to stop Hao. Horohoro complains about having to fight the Patch to defeat Hao then he asks his group who will become king. When Chocolove brought up that match they will be facing soon, Horohoro asks him if he knew anything about their team. Chocolove replies that he does not know. When the two bicker, Ren smacks them and reminds them that they have to fight Yoh's team after Wisdom Kings. As Ren gets out of the bath in the nude, he tells them that their opponent is a speed bump.

With the first match of the second round begins, Radim breaks the fourth wall by mentioning the popularity poll during his prep speech. As the match starts, Ren charges at his opponents first.

Reincarnation 221 - A Lotus in the Mud

Ren thinks about his opponents having god class spirit allies as he unleashes his Deathblow Sword Mirage Technique. As the crowd spectates, Ren feels strangely empty as he finds out his technique did not make Team Wisdom Kings move unharmed. Ren charges at Yainage with his over soul only to see his Bushin over soul disintegrate in front of Yainage. Yainage informs Ren that he has make a wise decision to pick him since he is the weakest of his team. After introducing himself, Yainage delivers a Palm Strike at Ren. His Kundali, spirit ally, reveals itself to Ren and his team. Yainage explains that his ghost can make mana disappear and over soul dissipates.

In other words, Ren learns that he can neutralize over souls and tells Yainage that he will expose his trick. When Yainage calls Horohoro and Chocolove useless, Horohoro replies that they are waiting for their turns. After Yainage asks his teammates, Jackson and Kadu, to fight Ren one-on-one, Ren states that he will defeat Yainage. Yainage reveals his spirit medium which looks like an ancient staff with claws on both ends.

Reincarnation 222 - Types of Buddhas

As Yoh watches Ren's match, he wonders if there is an easier way to determine shaman king. Anna unleashes her 2 shikigami's karate chop on Yoh and Ponchi and Conchi. Marco, who is eating chocolate, and Lyserg, who is pushing Lady Jeanne, join Yoh's group. While Ryu takes Lady Jeanne's iron maiden next to him, Lyserg states that Marco is being nice, yet Marco states that he is only here to gather information on Gandara.

Once Marco asks about Gandara, Ryu explains that they are four types of Buddhists: Tathagatas, Bohisattvas, Devas, and the Wisdom Kings. These types reflect the individual teams of Team Gandara. Ryu states that Ren has a tough road dealing with the Wisdom Kings, but Faust looks forward to healing Ren's body with Manta smacking Ryu. Yoh reassures them that Ren will fight them next; he walks up to cheer on Ren.

After hearing Yoh, Ren charges at Yainage. Even though his over soul breaks down, Ren tells Yainage that he has plenty of mana (55,000 to be exact) to use. As Ren keeps attacking Yainage, Yainage's spirit, Kundali, raises Ren with his palm after Ren's over soul neutralizes. With Ren repeating that Yainage is just a speed bump, Kundali gives Ren a Six Elbow Barrage attack.

Reincarnation 223 - Neutral, That's all

Yet, Ren manages to hit the totem pole to stop himself from going out of bounds. Yainage delivers another attack to Ren.

Outside of the tournament, team X-II prepares to leave, yet their purpose is not revealed.

Radim announces Ren is still standing behind Yainage. Yainage asks Ren why he did not dodge his attacks earlier. When Ren acts cocky, Yainage attacks Ren. Ren uses the Shamanic Oracle to get behind Kundali to punch it. Ren recalls his match with Yainage is like fighting Yoh in the third preliminary match. He compares Yoh to a willow in the wind and that he slicing air and water. When Team Ren voice their concerns, Ren tells to shut up and that he has an idea to defeat Yainage.

Yainage explains that his team have the same attributes, but they have a unique personality and will to shape their over soul. He states that his team is not evil nor good. In short, Yainage explains that they are neutral. Also, he informs Ren that Lady Sati has chosen to save everyone, and he asks what is Ren fighting for. Ren replies that his goal is to defeat Yoh, and as he pats Bason's head, Yainage rushes at Ren. Suddenly, Ren smacks Yainage for the first time. His new over soul appears.

Reincarnation 224 - Humility

Yainage tries to figure out how his over soul break which Ren replies that he is just stronger. A blast of lightning strikes Kundali. Yainage finds out that the lightning comes from Ren's piece of over soul in the air. After Ren explains that he has develop new moves and tactics to take down Yoh, he states that he is a greater fighter than before. Ren strikes Kundali with a lightning spear, and he informs everyone of his new oversoul, Bushin V2.

In a flashback, Ren asks Chocolove how they get stronger when Ren points out that Chocolove is the strongest of their team. Ren and Opacho point at Horohoro for being the weakest much to Horohoro's anger. Even though Opacho is there, Ren tells Chocolove that they must get stronger. Chocolove smiles at the thought of Ren asking him for help.

Chocolove introduces his new spirit ally, Pascual Abaj, to his team. After the team take out their spirits, Pascual Abaj explains that a shaman and his partner have to build their relationship if they want to advance in their abilities. He points to Horohoro and Kororo for being bad match ups since he is a hot headed fool with an ice spirit; he points to Ren and Bason for being bad match ups since it is an aristrocrat and his servant. Though Pascual Abaj tells them that they can make new combinations after making a few adjustments.

Back to the match, Yainage tries to attack Ren, but Jackson cuts down Yainage's spirit with his spirit ally. He tells his partner that he will be the one to fight since Yainage lost his composure.


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