Key is an anime episode of K that was released on 11/15/2012

Plot Summary

Neko watches the two from afar, and suddenly, light shines on them. The SCEPTER4 troops work on surrounding Neko and Kuroh, and Seri states she is arresting the two. Kuroh refuses, and Seri asks her men to unsheathe their swords. Then Neko alters the dimension, and both Shiro and Kuroh finds themselves in the city. Neko leads Shiro and Kuroh out of the crowd while Seri's men try to contact headquarters. Seri realizes it's sensory interference, and she finds Kuroh who attacked the two men. Saruhiko remarks to Reishi that things are not looking good, and the fight between Seri and Kuroh is stopped when Reishi's Sword of Damocles appeared. He breaks through the barrier, and after telling Seri that he will handle the situation, he undoes Neko's powers. Neko reveals herself, and Reishi explains Neko's powers. Shiro and Neko surrender, and Kuroh tells Shiro and Neko that he will buy some time. He uses his powers to attack the men to open an exit.

After Shiro and Neko flee, Seri communicates to Saruhiko to seal the corridors. Reishi notices Kuroh's sword, and Kuroh attempts to attack Reishi. Reishi slaps Kuroh for not using his sword, and he squeezes Kuroh's skull. Reishi blocks and evades Kuroh's fists, and he lands some attacks on Kuroh. When Kuroh charges, he throws Kuroh to the ground and pin him with his foot. Meanwhile, Neko urges Shiro to hurry. Reishi asks Kuroh if he serves that man, and he comments that the colorless king is the weakest one of all seven kings. He notes that Shiro is the one who replaces the late king and that the king is a wild card who can tip the balance. A colorless king is one who picks neither good or evil. He tells Kuroh that he and Neko are deceiving him. Kuroh acknowledges indirectly that he will risk his life for Shiro despite his cheerful self. Then, the lights go off, and Shiro tells Reishi that he cannot leave his friends. Shiro apologizes to Kuroh since he lied, and he reveals his Sword of Damocles. Shiro communicates to Kuroh telepathically, and while Shiro's white aura clashes with Reishi's aura, Kuroh manages to escape. Shiro disappears quickly. Reishi tells Seri that he fell for a trick.

Elsewhere, Shiro asks Kuroh if he's okay, and he compliments Neko on her powers on deceiving everyone. Kuroh states that Neko can create false memories in people. Shiro asks Neko to fix his amnesia, and Kuroh tells them to discuss this later at a safe place. Yet, Shiro insists on doing this now. Kuroh prepares his stance in case Shiro is evil. In a brief flashback, Neko is seen meeting Shiro for the first time. She prepares to undo the memories that rewinds fast. In the storeroom, Neko (as a cat) is frightened at Shiro who is resting in the light. Shiro reassures Neko who begins to trust Shiro. Then, Kukuri appears and asks Shiro if he's human. She asks who Shiro is. Then, Neko manipulates both of their memories. Shiro calls himself Yashiro Isana, and Kukuri's memory is fixed as well.

In a theater, Shiro wonders about his memories before Neko met him. Neko asks him if he wants to, and Shiro asks her to do it. Shiro remembers a man (Adolf) who pushed him off from a blimp in the sky.

Points Of Interest

  • Neko's powers allows her to interfere and manipulate human perceptions and senses. According to Kuroh, Neko can create false memories in people.
  • Kuroh's Kotowari is a sword that belonged to the late seventh king.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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