Kevin Yeegar

Kevin Yeegar is a anime/manga character in the D.Gray-Man franchise
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The Oldest Exorcist General of the Black Order and was the first target of the Noah Family, who believed his Innocence to be the fabled Heart.


General Yeegar's origins remain unknown, however he was the oldest General, being nearly 90 years old at the ripe age of 89 upon his death. He was known as a General who despite his age, always went to the front lines.


Kevin Yeegar is a secondary protagonist created by Hoshino Katsura for the series, D.Gray-Man.


Due to his short presence, General Yeegar had no character evolution.


General Yeegar has the appearance of a senior man yet in good health. He has long stark white hair that falls beneath his shoulders and a thick white mustache. He has light skin and Grey eyes.


General Yeegar's personality was not seen in the manga until he was in the deranged mindset of his final moment. In the anime, he appeared to be a kind old soul who liked the company of younger people and enjoyed cooking new experimental dishes for them.


In the manga, General Yeegar had no known relationships of note, but in the anime he befriended Allen Walker shortly before his death.

Story Arcs

General Yeegar Falls Arc

Yeeger after being tortured by Tyki Mikk
Yeeger after being tortured by Tyki Mikk

General Yeegar was actually introduced as already deceased. He was kidnapped and murdered by Tyki Mikk and Road Kamelot. According to Komui Lee's report, the General was found crucified backwards with words carved into his back. He had numerous wounds that would ultimately be fatal individually but it was skillfully done, indicating that he was tortured before the crucifixion, likely by Road who is known for her sadism. He was taken down but could not be saved. In his final moments, he continuously sang about the Earl of Millennium's search for the Innocence Heart and that it wasn't him who possessed it but also that others would be next. He sang until the moment of his death.


Yeegar Crucified
Yeegar Crucified

In the anime, General Yeegar was given more characterization, meeting with Allen Walker before dying, cooking steaks for him and befriending him, inviting him into his carriage. After Allen parted ways with him, he encountered Tyki and Road while riding in his carriage and was ambushed and murdered.

Powers & Abilities


Yeegar's Innocence
Yeegar's Innocence

General Yeegar had an unknown Innocence with unknown powers. But in the anime he had two unnamed chains that he could maneuver without moving. His innocence was later crushed by the Earl of Millennium.

Voiced by
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Bill Jenkins
General Information Edit
Name: Kevin Yeegar
Name: ケビン・イェーガー
Romanji: Kebin Yēgā
Gender: Male
1st manga book: D.Gray-man #4
1st anime episode: D.Gray-man #25
1st anime movie:
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