Kenshiro Kasumi

Kenshiro Kasumi is a anime/manga character
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The main character in Souten No Ken (Fist of the blue sky)

Kenshiro Kasumi, was born the son of the 63rd grandmaster of hokuto shinken, Kasumi Ramon. The boy was born with the markings of the stars upon his head. Joyful that his son bared the marks of the strongest disciple of hokuto shinken. Ramon decided to name his child after that same man, his own brother Kenshiro. The woman who delivered the child was sure that he would one day save many innocents. His father claiming to one day tell his son, the story of his brother, a man whose spirit was like the blue sky. 
Later on in life, Kenshiro would become a tutor at a womans university. Wearing glasses, and appearing to confuse the students with his action. But his strange actions actually have purpose. During a class one of the students wrote something on the board. Ken was able to figure out who it was by the odor left over on the chalk. The girl thinking that Ken thought she stunk began to try. In response Ken kissed her on the forehead. The vice principle Kondo seeing this, wanted Ken fired, seemingly having a grudge against the man's arrogant attitude. Though the principle was quite happy with Ken, especially when learning of his incredible memory. 
Later on Kenshiro is sitting in a restaurant. Suddenly his senses pick of a familiar scent, removing his glasses he see's an old man named Li who he knows. Earlier the man had sat in front of the emperor and claimed not to know about Ken, when the emperor asked if he knew about a man nicknamed the king of hell. During their talk, an overweight man constantly ruined their mood. Shortly hearing Ken's harsh words, the man placed a gun against Li's head. Kenshiro then proceeded to take down the man's subordinates and kill the fat man. Kenshiro then learned that Li had been tortured into revealing Ken's location, but he never gave it up. Li then gave Ken a good luck charm.
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Name: Kenshiro Kasumi
Gender: Unknown
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