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Kenichi Shirahama is a anime/manga character in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi franchise
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Hello my friends and welcome to this humble blog that discuss the difference between Shi Woon Yi from The Breaker and Kenichi from History's Strongest Disciple and to make things more fun lets make a score system and gives a positive score to the one who have is better than the other in something and a negative score for the one who have something bad over the other. And if they both have the good thing if they get a score, but the one who have it better get a second positive score which means that if one got a +1 for having something good the other get +2 for having it better. If anyone want to discuss the rules for this comparison for how different those two are leave a message for me on my wall. Make a note that the scores will be summed every week by me at Friday which well be a non comparing day and after that the comparing can start again.

The first difference that I'd like to point out for is that Shi Woon don't think of taking advantage of the situation when he is with a girl for example while on the run from the S.U.C. Shi Woon avoided the gaze of Jin-Ie because he was embarrassed as her big breast are pushing on his back and tried not to think about it as he consider it to be dishonorable for her. You can find this in The Breaker: New Waves Chapter 52. Shi Woon get a positive score for his high moral.

Now on the other hand Kenichi is taking every advantage he get when he is with a girl, namely Miu, and most of the time it's in a perverted way, for example: While Kenichi is on his training and for the first time using Akisami device, he asked Miu to "push him more and more" not because he wanted to get it over with, but because he was enjoying the feeling of her big breast hitting his back. Kenichi get a negative score for being a damned pervert.

The result: Shi Woon +1 for high moral, Kenichi -1 for being a damned pervert. Well how does it feel for you? if you like it tell the others anyone can come and compare the two of them. Well, let the battle of comparing begin.

Both Refuse to admit defeat
Both Refuse to admit defeat
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Kenichi, an average 16-year-old high school student picked on his whole life. First day of school he meets mysterious transfer student, Miu Fūrinji. Following her with the wish to be all powerful they reach Ryōzanpaku, a dojo where those who are truly strong and have mastered their arts gather. After the basics Miu, Kenichi beated up the school's karate club, and becomes a target for all the delinquents in the school. But all Kenichi wants is to fulfill the promise he made to protect Miu. Subsequently, Kenichi's daily routine is divided between hellish training under the six masters of Ryōzanpaku, and his fights against the members of Ragnarok, a gang that views him as either a possible friend or dangerous foe. What more enemies will Kenichi make?

Written by Dekken and a group of wiki editors

The OVA will aired on November 16, and it introduces a new character, Savate assassin Christopher Eclair.

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Super Duper Mini Review

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple aka History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is an anime adaption of the on-going manga created by Syun Matsuena.  The anime was produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Hajime Kamegaki.  There are 50 episodes.

Show Info

Genres: action, comedy, romance
Themes: ecchi, martial arts
Plot Summary via ANN:

Shirahama Kenichi is an average student who has earned the nickname "Weak Legs" from always getting bullied. One day he meets a cute girl named Furinji Miu who helps him build the courage to begin training at a mysterious dojo where she lives. Here Kenichi faces intense training from masters of many different martial arts styles as he attempts to become stronger.


Pros and Cons

  • A fantastic cast of goofy characters.  APACHAI!!!!!!!!!!
  • As someone who knows nothing about martial arts, it's entertaining to learn about some of the styles.
  • Lots of action going on through the show.
  • Goofy and off the wall humor that's great.
  • The animation can be really bad at times.




Don't forget to check out my ongoing blog for my Super Duper Mini Reviews and my written reviews.            :) 

Q: What's a Super Duper Mini Review?
A: Well, since I'm done with long, written reviews for now, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I watch.  For some info about the show like genre, plot summary, etc., I borrow (mainly copy and paste  :P) some info from Anime News Network, Wikipedia or the Anime Vice wiki.  So people wont think I'm plagiarizing, I do post sources.
Q:  Why are these blogs so short and half assed?
A:  Well, I want to put in as little effort as possible.  Why?  Cause I'm lazy.
Q:  Do you care if people don't read these?
A:  Kinda.  One of the main things that keeps me making these things is so I can spread the word of shows/mangas that people aren't aware of.
Q: Sometimes there a few or no cons, does that mean the show is perfect?
A: No.  Usually when I make these, I like to highlight the things I liked more then the negatives.  I'm one of those people who enjoys just about anything as long as it's entertaining.  I can easily look past a show's faults if I find enjoyment from it.  Remember, nothing is perfect.

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Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

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