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Kemeko Deluxe is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Aoi-chan is the manga editor who struggles to keep Fumiko Kobayashi to meet her deadlines. Spending time away from her beloved boyfriend.

Fumiko Kobayashi

Sanpeita's mother is a carefree mangaka who is constantly "working". She is often seen inside her studio being yelled at by her editor.

Izumi Makihara

A childhood friend of Sanpeita that watches over him. She has feelings for Sanpeita, but can't seem to express them. She's determined to protect Sanpeita from what she sees as "unhealthy" influences.


Jumonji is the super-powered pet cat of Ryōko Kurosaki. A black cat with a cross-mark on the forehead and a bell around the neck.


The small combat robot in the appearance of a homely looking girl. It is piloted by MM. It is said that Kemeko was only a prototype for Kiriko. When MM enters Kemeko, her personality completely changes from timid to aggressive.


The small combat robot is similar to Kemeko, but with dark hair and an eyepatch. It is piloted by Vanilla M. Repairs. When piloting, Vanilla's light-hearted personality changes to calm and formal.

Kyte Brian Sounds

Kyte Brian Sounds is the head of the Mishima Electronics Company's R&D Department and direct subordinate of Vanilla M. Repairs. He is a relaxed and rude red-headed young man.


The pilot of Kemeko and self-appointed bride of Sanpeita. She is very shy unless she is inside Kemeko, and seems driven to protect Sanpeita from the forces of Mishima Electronics Company.

Misaki Hayakawa

Misaki Hayakawa is girl from a rich family. She is one Sanpeita's friends who loves watching other people's suffering. She seems to take great pleasure in both encouraging and teasing Izumi Makihara's feelings for Sanpeita.


Miura is the elder sister of Misaki Hayakawa. She is the former manager of the Maid Hole and now Sanpeita's maid. Though she is not a real maid, but dresses as one as a hobby.

Paul Patrick

Paul Patrick is Forty-three years old and the successor to Miura as the new manger of the Maid Hole. Ex-U.S. Army who was discharged and turned mercenary.

Riko @ Androids

Riko @ Androids is the Fifth R&D Director for the Mishima Electronics Company. A super genius that had an I.Q. over four hundred at the age of ten. Uses a cell phone to control the robot army.

Ryoko Kurosaki

Ryoko was originally thought to be a member of the Mishima Group, but she is actually an officer in the Unified Public Security Agency. Surprisingly enough, she has been a member of Sanpeita's class since opening ceremonies, but just hadn't been attending.

Ryota Minamino

Ryōta Minamino is the classmate of Sanpeita. He's a nosy and outgoing boy who likes to snoop into Sanpaita's life.

Sanpeita Kobayashi

The main character of Kemeko Deluxe. He has strange powers that were given to him by his first love 10 years ago. A power that is hidden within him that the Mishima Electronics Company is after.

Tamako Kobayashi

Sanpeita's little sister that takes care of the house because their mother is too busy being a mangaka. She is the most mature person of the house.

Vanilla Make Repairs

Vanilla Make Repairs is the executive director of the Mishma Electronics Company. She's has a playful personality and pilots the Kiriko robot.

Yamada Hana

Yamada Hana is the latest transfer student to Sanpeita's school. Though classically in anime the transfer student is a popular character. He is largely ignored and hidden in the background.

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