Kekko Kamen Forever

Kekko Kamen Forever is an anime movie in the Kekko Kamen Franchise
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The 10th Kekko Kamen film.

The students of Sparta College are terrorized by the perverse regime of the principal, Great Toenail of Satan (aka Satan Tochiz), and his lecherous assistant, Ben. Regularly appointing new teachers to abuse and humiliate the girls (the boys are let off because Tochiz only wants to see the girls with their clothes off), they are thwarted on every occasion by Kekko Kamen, the "naked avenger."

A smutty, saucy adventure based on the 1974 Shonen Jump manga from Shameless School's Go Nagai, lampooning Moonlight Mask (Gekko Kamen) and the sappiest formulae of girls' school dramas, with liberal doses of female nudity. Though occasionally pushing the boundaries of good taste (the first supply-teacher, S/M queen Gestapa, has just transferred from Auschwitz College), the idea of a superheroine wearing nothing but boots and a mask so that "we see her dumplings, but her face remains a mystery," has plenty of comic potential. The hapless student Mayumi is whipped, tickled, and tortured, while her "big sister" Chigusa tries to offer helpful advice on escaping the teachers' notice. Superpowered opponents sent to take care of Kekko Kamen include the muscle-bound Austrian PE teacher, Taro Schwarzenegger, and a samurai cameraman with a hilarious Sean Connery accent in the U.K. dub. Mayumi must also fend off the advances of the Paradicer Mark One, a lesbian android sent to break up her friendship with Chigusa-Kekko Kamen must find Paradicer's off-button, which inventor Ben has put in a predictably sensitive spot. Though never explained in the anime version, the manga reveals that Kekko Kamen is actually Chigusa's twin, allowing the sisters to switch places and keep the superheroine's identity hidden. The story exists in U.S. and U.K. versions, though the British one did not survive the British censor unscathed-a scene in which Gestapa strips Mayumi by throwing knives at her while she is strapped to a giant rotating swastika was just one of the casualties. The story was also adapted into a live-action film, Kekko Mask: The Birth (1991), directed by Yutaka Akiyama, and two sequels, Kekko Mask (1993) and Kekko Mask in Love (1995). But the live versions, which feature cameos from Mazinger Z and Cutey Honey, suffer from a heroine who is understandably coy about revealing all and lack the slapstick verve of the anime. LNV

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General Information Edit
Name: Kekko Kamen Forever
Release Date: July 27, 2007
Romaji: Kekko Kamen
Release Date: July 27, 2007
Rating: None
Runtime: 70 (mins)
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