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Kekkaishi is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Kokuboro's chief scientist. She designs all of their human skins, and keeps track of Princess's health. She is also something of a prisoner thanks to a bug being implanted in her brain preventing her from dissobeying orders. Aihi honors Kaguro because Byaku's bugs cannot control him.

Atora Hanashima

Atora is an energetic girl who specializes in taming wild animals, which makes her the perfect instructor for Gen Shishio since she can help control his inner monster.


The leader of the Kokuboro who carries out the princesses whims and desires to the troops in the form of commands.


commands Kokuboro's Executive Department, with Sakon as his second-in-command.

Gen Shishio

"It's impossible. I... only know how to destroy" Ryo Shishio's younger brother and a member of the Night Troop. He was sent to Karasumori by Masamori Sumimura to assist the Yoshimori and Tokine



The Yukimura family's demon dog.




One of the weakest fighters in the Kokuboro but he is skilled in information gathering. He is tasked with unraveling the mystery behind Karasumori, and reveals several important clues to the puzzle.

Hiromu Tabata

A student at Karasumori who collects data on students and anyone else. Yoshimori often goes to Hiromu when suspicious of a person he is unfamiliar with.


Kaguro manipulates Hisui into going to Karasumori, where he battles Tokine and Gen Shishio. Hisui seems to have a lot of arrogance even in battle, but he does seem to be a powerful ayakashi


The strongest ayakashi in Kokuboro. Though he does not participate in the leaders' meetings, he has a great deal of influence among them, and is often sent to Karasumori in human skin to observe attacks on the kekkaishi. He is possibly the only one in Kokuboro who faced a kekkaishi while still human. His power is amazing perhaps stronger than any ayakashi

Kimiya Hachioji

a handsome, wildly popular boy in his second year at Chuou Higashi High School. He is a local idol, and is instantly recognizable to most girls at Karasumori Academy. He was once overtaken at a time

Kirara Kawakami

a student at Karasumori Academy, as well as Tokine's classmate and best friend


He has been serving Princess for over 300 years[1], and is both the designer and the administrator of the castle.


A old friend, but now enemy of Madarao


Yoshimori's Demon Dog.

Mao Shinohara

A mean student at Karasumori who is generally unpleasant to everyone outside her circle of friends. And kinda plays a girl who think she is super popular, but isn't.

Masahiko Tsukijigaoka

A ghost who's last word was "Cabbage". He befreinds Yoshimori and helps him learn new ways to bake cakes. He later passes on after a reunion with his brother

Masamori Sumimura

Yoshimori's older brother who works for the shadow organization.



Shigemori Sumimura

The grandfather of Masamori, Yoshimori, and Toshimori


a member of the Kokuboro who leads the 2nd Executive Department, though she is typically only seen among her spider goons.


Kids who are servants of Kaguro that were sent to Karasumori.

Shuji Sumimura

Yoshimori's dad who does not have the power to see ghost like the rest of the Sumimara's

Tokiko Yukimura

The grandmother of Tokine. At the moment she is the most powerful Kekkashi of Karasumori at the moment.

Tokimori Hazama

The famous Kekkashi and first defender of Karasumori. He passed on the Hazama style techniques

Tokine Yukimura

The heir to the Yukimura dynasty. She is also friends with Yoshimori

Tomonori Ichigaya

a classmate of Yoshimori at the Karasumori Academy. He sits in front of Yoshimori, and is rarely seen without either him or Hiromu Tabata. PersonalityEdit href= Edit

Toshimori Sumimura

The youngest of the Sumimura

Yomi Kasuga

Yomi wanted to take over the land that the Yukimara and Sumimura lived on. The thing she values most was Yoki, her demon,she is also the first real obstacle for the two clans.

Yoshimori Sumimura

The protagonist of the Kekkaishi series, he is a fairly headstrong goof off who dreams of creating a great cake one day, but for now he has to capture evil spirits that haunt his school.

Yurina Kanda

Yoshimori's classmate who can see ghosts and spirits.

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