Kekkaishi is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Sumimura Yoshimori, an average middle school student who sleeps too much, has an anything but average night job. Together with his friend Tokine, he fends off monsters from the local school grounds in order to protect an important secret that lies below.


Main Story

Kekkaishi has been a ongoing manga and anime series by Yellow Tanabe.  It has been shown in Japan in the magazine Shounen Sunday. The series is about the two main characters  Yoshimori and Tokine who are heirs to rivaled clans kekkai users tat must defend there school from Ayakashi, spirits, who are drawn to the sacred land the school is built on.  Kekkashi has recieced the 2006 Shogakukan manga award.


5 thousand years ago a fedudal lord was attacked by demons who wanted to use his inner power to destroy the human world, but the famous Tokimori Hazama called upon his 2 students and all 3 managed to defeat the fedual lord saving the land,but they all soon fell ill and the fedual lord died. There power is what is buried within the lands. 


The Hazama style moves which are the basis of any kekkashi. The technique is named after Tokimori and has been used by the Yukimara clan and Sumimara clan.

 Hōi (Engulf) designates a target
 Jōso (cornerstone) determines were to put the kekkai 
 Ketsu  (Bind) creates a kekkai
Kai (Release) Dispels the target, back into the world without harm. 
 Metsu (Destroy) Collapses the entire kekai killing the target  
 Tenketsu (Heavenly hole)  Before the target can regenerate it sends it to another world
 Nenshi (Thread): A technique in which a piece of energy string is created to capture or torture by squeezing
 Shuufuku  (Restoration) Used to repair an object
 Shikigami (Paper dolls) Paper dolls that assist the kekkai user
 Musou (Thoughtless)  state of mind in which the user is not influenced by any force . This strengthens the user. 
 Zekkai (absolute boundary)  A technique that allows the user to either repel or harm the enemy
 Shinkai (True boundary) A technique that  creates a new world. It was taught by 
Tokimori  Hazama.
General Information Edit
Name: Kekkaishi
Name: 結界師
Aliases: barrier master
Anime and Manga
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