Kejōrō is a anime/manga character in the Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan franchise
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Kejōrō is one of Nura Clan member. She usually seen handling all the lunch and such at kitchen. She fight with her hair.


Kejōrō is a member of Nura Clan. She often seen working on the kitchen to prepare some foods for the Clan. She was called Kino when she was alive and she has a close relationship with Kubinashi since both alive. Her weapon is tessens in combat. She also be Rikuo's bodyguard at Shikoku Arc in disguise as a Middle School Girl.


Kejōrō was created by Hiroshi Shiibashi. She was appeared on the Manga, Act #5. On the Anime, she appeared at Episode #1. She was voiced by Yumi Kakazu.

Character Evolution

Kejōrō in her disguise
Kejōrō in her disguise

Kejōrō is a voluptuous beauty Yokai who is a member of Nura Clan. She has a long brown hair that cover half of her face and tasseled with a red string. She has a fair skin, green eyes, and large breast. She wear a white Kimono with a red tomoeri and wearing a dark purple obi. She also wear a traditional split-toe-socks, a traditional Japanese footwear for Kimono dress, Tabi. She wear let her robes hangs loose, revealing her breast to make herself attractive. When she assigned as Rikuo's bodyguard, she wear a formal Ukiyoe Middle School uniform that also showing off her figure.

Her human appearance apparently the same as the Yokai form. Although it was never revealed.

Kejōrō is a kind and seemingly cheerful woman who smile often. She also appeared as a flirtatious woman, although she is a loyal guardian of Rikuo as well. She also holds a good relationship with Kubinashi as they known each other since they were humans.


  • Kubinashi

Kejōrō and Kubinashi has known each other since they were both Humans. Kejōrō is also seems to have a feelings for Kubinashi as she appear to love him. She also saved him from Rihan Nura when he was nearly died. Both of them are the closest each other.

  • Rikuo Nura

Kejōrō is very loyal to Rikuo. She also assigned as a bodyguard to watch over him at Shikoku Arc. She also mistaken by Kiyotsugu's Squad as Rikuo's sister.

Kejōrō and Wakana are both shared a good relationship. She usually help each other at the kitchen to provide foods for everyone on the household.

Kejōrō and Yuki-Onna are both good friend and often seen together during the Shikoku Arc. She usually made fun of Yuki-Onna for liking Rikuo as Yuki-Onna usually calls her old. Although they both share good relationship as friends.


Kejōrō was known as Kino when she was alive. She served an Oiran in Yoshiwara as an attendant. She was a friend of Kubinashi and she visited him a lot while he was alive. She and Kubinashi traveled together and fought as a team. She and Kubinashi share a special bond, even offered her life to protect Kubinashi from Rihan Nura. She didn't appear as a part of the group which fought the Gagoze Alliance four years ago.

Major Story Arcs

  • Gyūki Arc

When Rikuo's friend decided to pay his house a visit, she was seen serving them some snacks and also nice to them. She was mistaken by RIkuo's friend as his sister. When Kyuso kidnapping Yura and Kana, she also among the Nura Clan who are rescuing them.

  • Shikoku Arc

At Shikoku Arc, Kejōrō was assigned as one of Rikuo's guardian to watch over him. She also helped Yura Keikain to protect her from Hari Onna as she called Hari Onna as an "old lady" with messy hair, but later she was saved by Rikuo in his Yokai form. Rikuo also assigned her to watch over the shrine that haven't destroyed yet. Kejōrō also among the Nura Clan who invade the abandoned building that Inugami lures Rikuo and his friends there. She was later fight against Hari Onna in the final battle.

  • Kyōto Arc

During Rikuo's journey to Kyoto, Kejoro is a part of Rikuo's Demon Parade and join along with the other Yokai. She was seen in the ship that Nurarihyon gave to Rikuo. When Rikuo's army land the ship, she was seen along with Rikuo's Hyakki Yakou in the Kyoto's street when two young people were attacked by a group of Yokai.

After passed through Torii Labyrinth, Kejoro was among Rikuo's Demon Parade to fight Tsuchi-Gumo's attack. After the rampage of Tsuchi Gumo, Kino tries to command all the Yokai while Rikuo was gone. When she asked Kubinashi to help her, she realized Kubinashi was went wandering around Kyoto and decided to follow him as she found out Kubinashi was in anger.

After Ibaraki-Doji found both of them, Kejoro and Kubinashi team up together and fight him.


Fear Power (Osore)

Kejoro's Fear was seen on Nurarihyon no Mago : Demon Capital. Her Fear power was seen to be Disheveled Hair. She used it when she and Kubinashi teamed up together to fight Ibaraki-Doji and his group at Kyoto.

As one of Rikuo's guardians, Kejōrō is also well-experienced in battles as she often seen trusted by Rikuo to watch over him. She also mastered some skills and used them in battles where she fight with her hair.

  • Midaregami, Asobi Onna no Mai

This is Kejōrō's technique which Kejōrō lengthens her hair to envelop and overrun her enemies in battle.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yumi Kakazu
General Information Edit
Name: Kejōrō
Name: 毛倡妓
Romanji: Kejōrō
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #1
1st anime episode: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Kino
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