Keith Anyan

Keith Anyan is a anime/manga character in the Toward the Terra franchise
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Keith is the brightest student on record in the history of Educational Station E-1077. he is best friend to Sam Houston. Keith aims to join the elite organization that leads humanity, The Members.


Keith was synthetically created by Mother Eliza in order to create a perfect human capable of leading mankind. Keith has no memories before he entered the Educational Station E-1077. During orientation he befriends Sam Houston. When a transport ship carrying new students collides with a military shim inside of the station Keith and Sam go to help when everyone else has decided to let the passengers die. After saving the passengers an explosion causes Keith to be ejected into space but Sam saves Keith. Mother Eliza rewards Keith's braves actions.

Story Arc

E-1077 Arc

While on a test flight in space interference is received by the Mu and causes the ships to lose control. The message from jomy knocks out everyone and Keith is the first to reawaken to find that they are off coarse and in a collision path with a nearby planet. Keith acts quickly and takes controls of the other ships, saving the lives of the pilots.

After the incident during the test flight Keith finds Shiroe and notices he is running from someone and needs medical attention. Keith takes him to his room and attends to his wounds. He finds out that Shiroe hates the command structure because the adult examination robbed him of everything he held dear and Keith wouldn't understand because he never took the exam, alluding to what he found out about Keith. Before Shiroe can tell Keith what he had found he was arrested. What Shiroe told Keith implanted doubts about his past.

The next day Keith finds out that no one remembers the incident during the test flight and the message from the Mu, he also finds out that Shiroe has also been erased from the memories of the students. Another message from the Mu is recived by all the students of the station, degrading their minds. During this time Mother Eliza, a computer program connected to Universal Control and counselor to the students, orders Keith to hunt down the escaped Shiroe. Keith finds him and begrudgingly shoots down the ship Shiroe is escaping in, killing him.

Mission to Silversteen Seven

After taking down Shiroe and completing his education on E-1077 he has now been promoted to Members Elite of the National Knights. As his first mission Keith is sent to investigate the events around Silversteen Seven, known as Nazca by the Mu. He sees that Sam Houston was injured while in the area and promptly prepares for the mission. When Keith goes to the Soleid fleet to prepare for his mission he senses a young man watching him and notices that he is afraid. This young man Makka is assigned to take care of him. Keith tries to trick him by asking questions in his mind to see if Makka is reading it. Makka reacts to one and before Keith can act he is forced back but he is able to apprehend Makka who then cowers in fear. Keith shows compassion and decides to let Makka live after he determines that he is not a threat. On the ship he receives he finds only new recruits and not the best crew he had been promised. When they reach Nazca Keith descends to investigate, as he descends he loses control of the landing ship and sends a distress signal to Makka. The inexperience recruits aboard the ship panic and leave Keith behind. His ship crashes on the surface, he survives but is captured by the Mu. While unconscious his mind is probed for information about the location of Terra.

While imprisoned Jomy brings Karina and her small son Tony and pleas for peace for the Mu and to be able to live on Nazca. Keith tells Jomy that there will never be peace between them when the Mu have the power to stop the rotations of planets. Afterwards Tony comes back in order to kill him and causes an explosion which destroys Keith's prison. Keith severely wounds the child and takes Physis as a hostage, he escapes to the hanger and takes a ship. While escaping in the ship he sees something fast coming after him but hears Makka's voice who have come back to rescue him. Keith decides to self-destruct the ship and has Makka shield him from the explosion. After he gets away he confirms the Mu's location and orders a full scale attack and use of the Megiddo, the ultimate weapon capable of destroying entire planets.

After gathering the forces Keith commences the attack on Nazca with the Megiddo cannon but the shot is blocked by Soldier Blue and the other Mu. Keith commands for the cannon to be reloaded but is told that another fleet of ships are in the line of fire. Keith tells them to reload and fire because wiping out the Mu is more important and sacrifices must be made. Before another shot can be fired Soldier Blue infiltrates the Megiddo and makes his way to the core. Keith decides to meet Soldier Blue in order to stop him but is unsuccessful and the Megiddo is destroyed but Nazca is already destroyed. With Nazca destroyed the Mu retreat and Keith is unable to stop them.

Revisiting the Past

Years later Keith visits Sam again with Suena. Suena tells Keith that E-1077 has been shut down and hands him a Shiroes copy of Peter Pan that was found in wreckage around the station. Keith threatens her not to dig deaper into what the Mu are. In the book Keith finds a memory card which Shiroe recorded while looking into Keiths past but is cut off before the truth is shown. Keith decides to go back to E-1077. While on the Station he Visits Mother Eliza whom shows Keith the path to the secret Shiroe searched for. He finds what appear to be clones of himself and Physis. Mother Eliza explains to Keith that he is different, he was born from a fully synthesized strain of DNA and is the result of countless failures which came before him. She also tells Keith that having the accident on the day of his arrival, having him meet sam and suena who both knew Jomy Marcus Shin, his encounter with Seki Ray Shiroe who had Mu factors...and having to terminate him...All those things were pre-programmed to bring him up properly. Keith goes on to destroy the other "clones" along with the station and Mother Eliza. Keith returns to Grandmother and is told to move forward with the Mu annihilation plan.

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Name: Keith Anyan
Name: キース アニアン
Gender: Male
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