Keisuke is a anime/manga character in the Togainu no Chi franchise
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Keisuke is Akira's childhood friend, and who also participates in Igura in the anime Togainu No Chi.


Keisuke is Akira's childhood friend, as they grew up in the same orphanage together. When Akira joins a street fighting game called Bl@ster, Keisuke refuses to leave his side. And, when Akira is forced into playing the deadly game Igura, Keisuke follows him, despite Keisuke's lack of fighting skills and weakness.


At the beginning of Togainu No Chi, Keisuke is shy and loyal, constatly sticking by Akira's side as they did when they grew up in the orphanage together. But as both the anime and PC game progress, Keisuke is corrupted by Igura and Toshima. Keisuke wind up taking Line and becoming extremely yandere over Akira (more so in the PC game than the anime). During the anime, Keisuke is fairly calm.

PC Game

In the PC game, Keisuke's character follows a very different path then from the anime, this is because the anime completely toned down the yaoi. After Keisuke joins Igura and begins to stay with Akira, things seem fine, until Akira snaps at Keisuke for not standing up for himself. Keisuke runs away from Akira, and Akira chases after him. It takes a while for Akira to find Keisuke, but when he does, Keisuke has become extremely twisted claiming he wanted to see the expression Akira would make when he kills himself.  On the way to finding Keisuke, Akira runs across a bar where everybody inside was brutally murdered.
The two fight, but ultimately split up. Not long after, Keisuke chases after Akira. Keisuke finds Akira and knocks him unconscious.

It is revealed that these actions are due to Keisuke taking Line.  Akira is left in the shack until he wakes once more and realizes that Keisuke is seeking him out once more. Keisuke returns to Akira, admitting that it was him to killed all the people in the bar. Keisuke claims he wants to see Akira's 'dying face', and the choice is left to the player as to whether or not they will kill Akira, or save him.
 Keisuke and Akira happily ever 
 Keisuke and Akira happily ever after
 If the player saves Akira, Akira knocks Keisuke unconscious and brings him to an old shack. Keisuke begins to thrash and have a dangerous reaction to Line, but Akira is able to calm him down. The two escape Toshima through the sewers and manage to start life over again as factory workers. And thus ends the good ending.
Voiced by
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Tomokazu Sugita
General Information Edit
Name: Keisuke
Name: ケイスケ
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Togainu no Chi #1
1st anime episode: Togainu no Chi #1
1st anime movie:
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