Keiko Yukimura

Keiko Yukimura is a anime/manga character in the Yu Yu Hakusho franchise
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Keiko is Yusuke Urameshi's childhood friend and love interest.


Keiko is a childhood friend of Yusuke Urameshi and has always gone to the same school as he. Despite being a particularly bright young girl and Yusuke being the most notorious delinquent in the neighborhood, the two remained close friends and in their teen years, a romantic interest sprouted from their relationship.


Keiko Yukimura is a prominent protagonist created by Yoshihiro Togashi for the series Yu Yu Hakusho. She is one of the most important female protagonists in the series as the love interest to the main character.



Keiko at 18 years old
Keiko at 18 years old

Keiko is a young lady of average height and build. She has light skin and brown eyes. Her hair is also brown and initially is long, worn into 2 pigtails down to her back, but later in the story it is only shoulder length and not tied back. She is roughly 4 years older by the series' end than the beginning and grew accordingly, getting slightly taller and growing her hair longer once again. Her attire often consisted of her school uniform but when not in school she would usually wear a simple dress. During Keiko's development, Yusuke made a vulgar remark and stated that her rear had gotten nice since.


The two have grown up to be polar opposites, Keiko being the Straight-A student, and Yusuke, the juvenile delinquent. Despite this she is a loyal friend and goes to great lengths for his sake. From bringing him back to life after his death in the beginning of the series, to lending her support from the sidelines during his supernatural escapades, there really isn't anything Keiko wouldn’t do for Yusuke. Being his love interest, their mutual romance doesn't really come into fully bloom until the very end. Nevertheless, it's made quite clear that they care for one another deeply, throughout the series.


Yusuke Urameshi - Keiko's boyfriend.

Kazuma Kuwabara - Initially a friend of a friend but later on their relationship improves.

Botan - Botan became friendly towards Keiko after spending so much time around Yusuke.

Story Arcs

Spirit Detective Arc

Keiko Yukimura's childhood friend Yusuke Urameshi was killed in a car accident while saving a young boy. Unbeknownst to Keiko, Yusuke's spirit did leave his body but did not pass on. Instead, he was given a trial by Koenma, the son of King Yama of the spirit world. He would be allowed to return to his body and hence, to life if he completed the trial successfully, but he had only 3 days to do it.

Keiko senses who Kuwabara really is
Keiko senses who Kuwabara really is

In order for Yusuke to return, 1 obvious requirement was that his body remain intact. Yusuke appeared in Keiko's dream to comfort her. The next morning he was able to take possession of Kazuma Kuwabara and use the body to briefly to communicate with Keiko properly, that is after groping her. However that lewd gesture helped Keiko believe who Kuwabara really was which at that moment was Yusuke and did not need to be further convinced to believe what was happening. Yusuke said that he would be back very soon and told Keiko to tell his mother not to have his body cremated. Keiko was able to convince Yusuke's mother surprisingly easily. However, one last obstacle was to present itself.

Keiko saving Yusuke's body
Keiko saving Yusuke's body

Keiko had been taking care of Yusuke's body during the wait for his should to return, however an arsonist randomly set Yusuke's House ablaze. Keiko dashed into the burning house to Yusuke's body. She grabbed at and with difficulty, half dragged and half carried the body towards the entrance. The flames grew more intense though and things were looking hopeless. However Koenma offered a way out and Yusuke accepted without even listening to the conditions out of haste. Koenma parted the flames and Keiko managed to escape the blaze with the body. Koenma revealed that the condition was that a part of Keiko's body be taken which horrified Yusuke, but i was a false alarm and he only took some of Keiko's hair which is actually how Keiko's hair became shorter. In the anime, this happened slightly differently. Yusuke was given a golden egg that would be necessary for his revival, but instead, sacrificed it by having it thrown at the flames, dispersing it. The act of selflessness swayed Koenma to allow Yusuke to pass the trial.

Keiko kisses Yusuke at the last moment
Keiko kisses Yusuke at the last moment

The last condition was that Yusuke would need life energy transferred to him at midnight. The time frame was very narrow and he only was given one chance at this. Worse still, Keiko was not even aware of this condition. Yusuke had tried communicating with Kuwabara, but he was too skeptical and uncomfortable with the dream he had had with Yusuke trying to communicate with him. His mother was drunk and would not go to sleep which was necessary for the dream communication. That left Keiko alone as an option. Yusuke visited her in her dream and kissed her, hoping to convey the message. Keiko was not sure if that was Yusuke communicating with her or not and decided to tend to Yusuke drunk and sick mother. As a last effort, Botan, a reaper from the Spirit world who had become friendly with Yusuke possessed Yusuke's mother and through her, told Keiko that Yusuke needed her the most right now. Thinking that it was the mother speaking to her, Keiko ran up to Yusuke's room, saw Yusuke's glowing body and kissed him, just as midnight was about to pass. There was an instant of suspense, then Yusuke sat up in his bed, literally risen from the dead.

Dark Tournament Arc

Chapter Black Arc

Three Kings Arc

Voiced by
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Yuri Amano
Laura Bailey
Shannon Conley
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General Information Edit
Name: Keiko Yukimura
Name: 雪村 螢子
Romanji: Yukimura Keiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Yu Yu Hakusho #1
1st anime episode: Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files #1
1st anime movie: Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie: Poltergeist Report
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