Kei is a anime/manga character in the Akira franchise
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Kei is a memeber of the Anti-Goverment Restitance Fighters and love interest of "The Capsules" gang leader Kaneda Shotaro. She appears in the Manga/Anime "Akira".

Kaneda first meets the lovely Kei, in the lobby of the Neo-Tokyo Police station where he is being questioned after the gang war/military affair of the previous evening. Kei is being held for inciting an anti-government riot.

Kei at first ignores Kaneda's flirtatious attempts at conversation. But after Kaneda helps in her release she tags along with him for a short period before ultimately deciding to split. 
But it will not be their last entanglement. After Kaneda's buddy Tetsuo Shima is captured by the military for a second time after another run in with "the Clowns" he goes looking for help and he finds Kei along with several other resistance fighters causing a riot in the park. He eventually talks Kei into telling him their plan, which involves breaking in to a military hospital where Tetsuo is being held. Kaneda naturally offers his help in exchange for them helping him release Tetsuo. Kei agrees.
But before they can rescue Tetsuo, Tetsuo is attacked, learns of information on a powerful psyhics whereabouts and escapes to go find Akira.

Kei and Kaneda are tasked by three other Psychics with the task of finding and stopping Tetsuo. They first encounter him and wound him. then he escapes to a stadium where in a climactic final showdown the three Psychic children summon Akira to stop Tetsuo, which results in the destruction of Neo-Tokyo.
However Kei and her now boyfriend Kaneda are saved by one of the Psychic kids. and are Seen riding off into the sunset together on Kaneda's Bike.


Kei is shown to be hard headed and stubborn.
and despite initially ignoring and protesting Kaneda's advances, she seems to have warmed up to him and even considers him a love interest by the end of the series/film.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Wendee Lee
Mami Koyama
Lara Cody
General Information Edit
Name: Kei
Name: ケイ
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Akira #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Akira
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Attractive Female
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