Keeper of the Iron Prison

Keeper of the Iron Prison is an anime episode of Naruto Shippuden that was released on 07/02/2009
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Itachi Pursuit Arc (Part 1)

Keeper of the Iron Prison 鉄壁の番人 (Teppeki no bannin)


Opening Theme-

"Hotaru no Hikari" by Ikimono-Gakari

This episode begins with Sasuke and Suigetsu arriving at Karin's Location, after finding her Sasuke asks her to join thei team, she first of all declines the offer. Sasuke then tells Suigetsu to go release all the prisoners which he does so but tells all the prisoners to spread the word that Sasuke is going to bring Peace and Justice to the world.

Meanwhile we find out that Karin had been secretly killing any prisoners who spoke of the rumors of Orochimaru's death, all in order to make sure they didnt start a rebellion. We also see a flashback of when Sasuke and Karin first met, they were sent to kill or recapture 106 prisoners to escaped, which they managed to do together easily. On this mission Karin was nearly killed but was saved by Sasuke and ever since she had fallen in love with him.

It then flashes back to current time and Karin removes her glasses, changing personality instantly, she begins to come onto Sasuke and agrees to join him. Suigetsu then cuts the door down and enters. They then all leave the prison and head towards the Northern Hideout to find Jugo, Sasuke walks on as Karin and Suigetsu argue in the background.

Ending Theme-

"My Answer" by Seamo

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