Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon!

Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 06/09/2004
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Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon! - 根性!!!割れろ水風船 (Konjō!!! Warero mizufūsen)

Naruto finally begins his training with Jiraiya. The technique Naruto will learn was the trademark of the Fourth Hokage, a technique which even a genius like him took three years to master. Still, Naruto can't even seem to figure out how to pop a water balloon.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

Morning In the forest, Naruto is working on his new jutsu training. Already, he can got the water to churn in the water balloon. Watching as he sits below a nearby tree, Jiraiya waits for Naruto to popped the balloon. He seems unimpressed as he gets ready to take a nap and tells Naruto to wake him when the balloon is popped. By sunset, Jiriaya is passed out and Naruto is exhausted from spending all day pushing chakra into the water balloon and he still can't get it to pop. He shouts out in frustration and this wakes Jiraiya, asking if he's broken it yet. Embarrassed, Naruto can only say he's close. Naruto asks for a tip, but his master refuses. He told him that he wont get a detailed explanation until after the balloon pops. Still, Jiraiya relents and gives him a small tip.

Naruto starts step one of his new training
Naruto starts step one of his new training

Jiraiya tells Naruto to first start to churn the water inside the balloon. All the balloon does is wiggle in his hand. Jiriaya ask which way it's moving. Naruto answer to the left and Jiraiya calls him closer. He places his hand atop Naruto's head and realizes that Naruto is a natural right-rotation type of person. Blending chakra is basically energy. So, everyone builds chakra in their bodies by rotating it. People either favor a right or left rotation. With this justu, if you try to churn against your natural flow it can't build up properly. This much though Jiraiya thought he Naruto should of been able to figure out. Naruto still is confused how he figured out his rotation type so quickly. Patting his head once more, Jiraiya says it's the cowlick of the hair that shows the answer. Being a right direction person, Naruto much try churning the water to the right. Jiraiya goes on to explain that this justu doesn't require hand signs. All that is needed is chakra. It's perfect for someone stupid. Naruto takes exception to that remark, shouting that he's going to be Hokage one day. He'll master this jutsu in three days, he announces.

In a serious tone at such a claim, Jiraiya explains that this jutsu was developed by the Fourth Hokage and it took him three years to complete it. It's second from the top in the six degrees of difficult justu, an A-Rank jutsu. The training takes three steps. Water Balloon Breaking is only step one. The look in Naruto's eyes changes as he realizes a ninja as great as the Fourth Hokage took three years to complete this technique.

Seeing no reason to explain further to someone who can't complete step one, Jiraiya tells him to continue training by himself for now. Jiraiya goes back to the town holding the festival to gather information. He asks Naruto what he plans to do, and he answers that he wont go back just yet. Night has fallen as Jiriaya walks through the festival. He wonders what will happen next and he's greeted by the hostess of the club he was in earlier. It's a special service month they are holding. The more you visit earns more benefits. She hands him a stamp card to show the amount of service given.

The next morning, Naruto exits his room early and notices a cat wondering the hall. The inn worker calls to the cat by the name Shu. Later, Naruto has gone back to the woods to train. He marks the second day of his training into the trunk of a tree. He continues to churn the water but it just wont break. At night, jairaiya is back at the hostess club. Every day Naruto is back out in the woods struggling to pop the balloon. Six days have passed, Naruto is trying to have breakfast, but his hands are shaking so much that the chopsticks fall out of his hand. Even on the toilet, his hand shivers. After flushing he watches the water swirl down the bowl. Upon exiting, he notices the water balloon he's been training with rolling by. It's being played with by the cat named Shu. Batting it back and forth with it's paws, it cries out when it suddenly bursts. Seeing this, gives Naruto inspiration. He runs into the room over the drunk and sleeping Jiraya. He yells at him to wake up, but Jiraiya asks for water. With a mischievous idea, he pops the water balloon using chakra over Jiriaya's face. the first step is cleared.

Finally awake, Jiraiya asks for another demonstration. Naruto holds the balloon in his left hand. First he churns the balloon in his left. In the right hand he swirls chakra. With incredibly speed he pats in several locations on the balloon with his right hand. the balloon starts to moves wildly until it pops. Filled with pride, Naruto asks if he saw, but Jairaiya fell back asleep sitting up. At breakfast, Jariaya apologizes, blaming being so tired due to his constant "research". Jiriaya thinks of the trick Naruto used. It's an odd one but still impressive. Jiraiya tries to take credit with his tip, but Naruto lifts Shu to show him the real source of his success. He realizes that when the cat was batting the balloon in different directions erratically. He was causing the water to churn wildly inside in different direction. The chaos built p until it popped. When he saw Jiriaya's balloon pop the shape was wild, but Naruto's was always smooth. That means the water in Jiriaya's was moving in several directions at once. Jiriaya thinks that it's still not possible for Naruto to do this jutsu one handed but figured out his own way. Excited for completing step one, Naruto asks if he'd like to see it again but he suddenly flinches in pain. Jiraiya realizes that Naruto used too much chakra to the point of overworking his chakra network.

Back to the woods, they go to start step two of the training. Thinking it's time for something more serious, Naruto's surprised when Jiraiya passes him a hollow rubber ball. This step is about breaking the ball. Jiriaya holds a similar back. In an instant to warps and bursts open. This step is even harder than step one. Naruto performs the step one on the ball, but it fails to pop. Jiraiya explains that step one was rotation and step two is force. Withing the water it's more difficult to image the flow. As Jiriaya goes to continue his research, Naruto asks him to stay and train with him. Jiriaya sternly tells Naruto not to depend on him. He goes on to tell him that he's misunderstood the situation. He only agreed to teach him this justu, but not to teach him every step. He tells him to stop acting childishly and behave as a respectable ninja. When Naruto asks for at least a tip, Jiriaya asks for money. Naruto shouts back that he ash some nerve talking about being a respectable ninja when he asks for money.

Fifteen days have passed since Naruto started. At night, Naruto lays on the forest ground watching his hand tremble, thinking of how this is far more difficult. He's worked so hard that his hands and arms are in pain. Twenty five days have passed, and on each one Naruto has pushed himself to pop the balloon. He's exhausted and wondering how long he needs to do the same thing each day. He remembers Jiriaya telling him how this jutsu is at the highest levels of difficulty. He stands back up and Jiriaya returns. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto asks what he's there. He's come to get Naruto to go buy some food in town. Asking why he should do it. Jiriaya answers that he is the master teaching him a jutsu.

Back in town, Naruto walks back after buying the food. Naruto's attention is drawn to a father and son enjoying the festival. Being an orphan who never knew his parents, a strong surge of loneliness comes across him. Back with Jiriaya in the woods, tentatively Naruto asks Jiriaya to hang around while he trains if just for a while. Jiriaya brushes the idea off saying he doesn't have the time. He's leaving as soon as he finishes eating. He tells Naruto that he needs to figure this out for himself. The look of sad frustration fills Naruto's face. Jiriaya tells him not to act like a spoiled kid now that he's a ninja. Holding back the sorrow and disappointment, Naruto forces himself to laugh. He says he understands and tells him to hurry up and leave. Jiriaya's hostess stamp card has twenty six stamps on it. Once more he goes back to the club to be surrounded by radiomen and drink. Days later, Naruto lays in bed with cold compresses over his hands. Jiriaya returns to the room to see a sleeping Naruto still suffering in pain from the extended training.

Thirty one days have gone by, Naruto is back in the woods. He's frustrated at his failure, and the harder he pushes the chakra the more pain he's in. He feels that if he doesn't try pushing the chakra to the point of it exploding that it wont work. He suddenly realizes that this could be the key. He gets up once more. If he can understand the amount of chakra that flows from the pain he's feeling, then he can bear that pain to the limit all at once. Pushing himself, Naruto becomes surrounded by chakra. He keeps pushing harder to store up that energy. The ball starts to warp until a small hole forms, causing the ball to deflate. To his surprise, Jairiay was present to witness this bit of success. Naruto tries brushing his off, but Jiraiya hands him half of a popsicle to share. He tells Naruto that he's done well to come so far on his own. With a pleased grin, he takes the ice treat. Jiriaya takes Naruto's have the paints a tomoe into the palm of his right hand. It's time for step three.

Points of Interest

  • The kana (Japanese writing) on the card the girls of the hostess club give Jiriaya is a style called katakana. It says "Stamp Card" (スタンプカード, sutanpu kaado).
  • The kanji Naruto marks into the tree is 正 (shou). When added before a number it means "exact" or "precise". It's a popular character in Japan when marking intervals of five, similar to the European style of four vertical slashes with one horizontal mark through.

Ending Theme-

"Ima made Nando mo (今まで何度も)" by the Mass Missile

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