Keep a promise you once made, even if you die

Keep a promise you once made, even if you die is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on 05/09/2006

Plot Summary

Although their actions result in saving everyone from Katsura’s powerful bomb, Gintoki and the group are nonetheless held for police questioning. Convinced that Odd Jobs Gin are behind the bombing, the police continue their oppressive interrogation until Shinpachi, who was staring at the clock the whole time, finally snaps. Baffled by the scale of his raging fit, the police finally decide to let the trio go free cleared of all charges. Ignoring Gintoki and Kagura, who are busy venting their resentment in front of the police station, Shinpachi leaves the scene in a hurry in order to attend some business. Left behind by their friend, Gintoki and Kagura eventually come across an escaped convict who is being chased by the police. The man takes Kagura hostage and orders Gintoki to take the wheel in the police car. When asked by Gintoki why he ran away from the cops, the smiling man answers him with “Because today is a special day…”

Characters & Voice Actors

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