Kazumi Yoshida

Kazumi Yoshida is a anime/manga character in the Shakugan no Shana franchise
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She is Shana's rival for Yuji's affection. She is hopelessly in love with him and wants him to feel the same towards her.

At the beginning of the series, Yoshida is just a normal girl that doesn't know the truth of this world. Then she meets Khamsin, a flame haze that tells her the truth of this world. She's feeling shocked after knowing that Yuji is a torch, but later she manages to accept it and continues to love him.

Character Evolution


She has brown hair and crown eyes and big breasted. Her hair is usually decorated with a kind of decoration.


She's kind, caring, and friendly to anyone, but when it comes to the love matter, she will try her best not to lose. She's also shy, unable to demonstrate her love to Yuji at first. She's good at cooking.


  • She likes Yuji, making him bento everyday. Even after knowing that he's already dead, she still likes Yuji, like Shana.
  • Shana's her rival, but even so, seems like she's friend with Shana, because Shana's often asking her questions and they both love Yuji. Shana also calls her by "Kazumi".
  • She's somewhat grateful and respect Khamsin, even actually she's the one who helped Khamsin. Maybe that because Khamsin helps her to know the truth and he gives her a piece of Khamsin's bracelet, that makes her able to move inside the Fuzetsu.
  • She's friend with Ogata, Keisaku, and Eita.
  • She's quite close to Ike, since he helps her to demonstrate her love to Yuji. Ike's also often help her when she's in trouble, since he likes her. Ike confesses his love to her, but Kazumi rejects it, still choosing Yuji.
  • She believes that Pheles will understand her love to Yuji, so that she won't take Reiji Maigo from him. Pheles is actually understand it, but she's still remained at her founding, to take Reiji Maigo and release Johann. Her action is interrupted by the arrival of the Silver. After meet Johann, she gives Giralda, an accessory that looks like a cross.

Treasure Tool

She has a treasure called Giralda, treasure given for her from Pheles. It's function is to summon Pheles, in exchange, it will devour all her existence, or in other word she will die. She wants to use it when Yuji's trapped in a Jizaiho that looks like an egg, but at the end she doesn't do it. The second is when Yuji becomes the leader of Bal Masque, she wants to use it. Unlike the first, she really use it to summon Pheles. Miraculously, she doesn't die. She asks Pheles why she doesn't die, and Pheles tells her that Giralda actually doesn't consume Power of Existence. The first person who use it die because she's already old, and she's not familiar with Power of Existence. Unlike her, Yoshida is still young and she's familiar with Power of Existence.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Ayako Kawasumi
Brina Palencia
Chantal Strand
Rank Game #1147 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Kazumi Yoshida
Name: 吉田一美,
Romanji: Yoshida Kazumi
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime movie:
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