Kazehana is a anime/manga character in the Sekirei franchise
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Sekirei #03.

Kazehana appears early in the series, but is not really developed until much later. She recently stopped a quasi-romantic relationship with the president of MBI, which she never really elaborates upon. Only waxing poetically about love and quoting her past experiance. Followed by her embarking upon a nation-wide sake (rice wine) tasting tour. This tour turns her into the drunk that she is in the series. 
In terms of personality, Kazehana is VERY slutty. About on par with Matsu, although without the "rape face". Borrowing varying outfits from Uzume, ranging from a nude apron to a peacock getup. She rarely takes anything very seriously, only when it involves Minato and his safety, or being generally sexy towards the ashikabi. Again being just about as openly sexual as Matsu, just never really attempting to do anything. Although one could count the time she got completely wasted with Uzume and staggered back to Maiso Izumo, where Uzume mistook Minato's room for her own out of drunkeness, and they both proceed to strip and flop down on the floor, and Kazehana just happens wind up almost smothering Minato between her breasts. This also happens to be one of the moments in the show where the producers seem to forget about the censoring on purpose. 

Kazehana controls wind, and was quite a competant fighter even before being winged. Easily able to toy with the two lower ranking members of MBI's hit team of sekirei by herself, while practically blind drunk. Possibly made worse by the fact that the fight was taking place in a sake warehouse. She is easily the most outright powerful sekirei in Minato's harem. Now if she could only sober up for once... seriously, she even drinks pure rubbing alchohol when there is nothing else on hand.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yukana Nogami
Stephanie Young
General Information Edit
Name: Kazehana
Name: 風花
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Sekirei #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Sekirei #03
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Female
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Wind Bursts
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