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Kaze no Stigma is an anime series in the Kaze no Stigma franchise
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By The Kannagi Sacred Flame Reviewed by BustedAngel on Dec. 12, 2010. BustedAngel has written 15 reviews. His/her last review was for Desert Punk. 35 out of 38 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
Kaze no Stigma is an anime that caught my attention awhile back but I hadn't watched it until recently. It was good, however, most of the ideas behind the series were a little too much of a cliche to say the least. The family of magic users, the enemies that they encounter, and the pasts of the main characters, it makes for a solid plot and a great story. With the little romance in it plus the mounds of action and comedy, makes sure that the romance, comedy and fighting are balanced out perfectly. The main characters have the ability to control a magic element (Fire, wind, earth, etc.) and with these powers many of them destroy evil spirits called Yoma. Enemies come out of the shadows and new allies find our heros, the progression of the story is made up of these parts. 
To start, the Kannagi family is world renowned for their fire magic. They have harsh customs and traditions that they believe must be followed at all cost. Everyone in the Kannagi family has been a fire user and is treated horribly if they are not. Because of this customs, Kazuma was disowned by his father, Genma Kannagi, and everyone else in the great Kannagi family, for he could not use fire magic. Kazuma Yagami comes back after so many years as a wind magic user, although the Kannagi's see wind magic as an inferior magic type. Kazuma has made a deal with the Spirits of the Wind to become a contractor. Kazuma seems to be an unbeatable badass.  

Now, character number two is Ayano Kannagi, the heir to the Kannagi head of family and the holder of the great sword, Enriha (Don't know how to spell it). Kazuma and Ayano fought for Enriha and Ayano beat Kazuma because he had no power. Soon after, he was disowned and banished. Ayano has been training for the head of the family by destroy the evil spirit beasts, Yoma. She has a normal life other than the fact that she has to be pulled from class to fight the Yoma that pop up all over town. She fights Kazuma again once he returns and she gets her ass kick from there to the moon. Her father then makes them team up ,first, to destroy Yoma and then again but Kazuma was Ayano's bodyguard this time. They get into a whole hell of trouble when a foreign rich girl comes to kill Ayano for Enriha. She then becomes an ally of Kazuma's and the fights continue. 
The plot was mostly explained about, but here's a short summary. Kazuma Yagami was banished from the Kannagi's. He comes back some odd years later and gets into some trouble with the Kannagi's. He then teams up with the Kannagi's an helps them. The progression is pretty much a repeated form of this, over and over.  The characters are well-done and, for the most part, unique. 
My Final Verdict: I give Kaze no Stigma a 4/5.
                    Pros: The characters and the main plot and story were great
                               I love action filled comedy
                               It just kicked ass all around
                   Cons: The cliche of magic using families
                               The cliche of overpowered main characters
I would suggest it
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