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Kaze no Stigma is an anime series in the Kaze no Stigma franchise
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Ayano Kannagi

Ayano is the heir of the Kannagi family and the holder of Enraiha. She has a problem with anger management.

Ayumi Tsuwabuki

Younger cloned version of Mayumi Tsuwabuki from whom Ren Kannagi falls in love.

Bernhardt Rhodes

Kazuma´s biggest enemy and president of Armagest, a european magic organization. He enjoys suffering and is the one resposible of Tsui-Ling´s death.

Genma Kannagi

Currently considered the most powerful fire mage in the Kannagi family.

Jugo Kannagi

The elder from the Kannagi family and father of Ayano.

Kannon Suzuhara

The best friend of Ren Kannagi alongside Tatsuya Serizawa

Katherine McDonald

American fire mage that goes to Japan to challenge Ayano.

Kazuma Yagami

Powerful wind mage that contracted the Wind God himself.

Kirika Tachibana

Captain of the Tokio Special Investigation Unit.

Kousuke Utsumi

A pervert that holds a grudge against Nanase Kudo.

Kureha Tsuwabuki

Older daughter of the elder from the Tsuwabuki family.


A cloned version of Tsui Ling that serves Bernhardt Rhodes

Mayumi Tsuwabuki

The younger daughter of the elder from the Tsuwabuki family.

Michael Harley

Demon boy that uses Misao Ogami and tries to kill Kazuma after gathering enough life energy from innocent human victims.

Misao Oogami

Part of the Kannage family and the sister of one of the guys killed by Ryuya Kazamaki.

Nanase Kudou

One of the best friends of Ayano Kannagi.

Ren Kannagi

A young fire mage from the Kannagi family.

Ryuya Kazamaki

Son of the leader of the Fuga Clan that uses his body to bring back an powerfull demon.

Tatsuya Serizawa

The best friend of Ren Kannagi alongside Kannon Suzuhara


A wind pixie that befriends Kazuma and Ayano

Tsui Ling

The girl Kazuma loved in his past.

Yukari Shinomiya

One of the best friends of Ayano Kannagi.

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