Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma is an anime series in the Kaze no Stigma franchise
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This story follows Kazuma Yagami a powerful wind user who comes home but then must set out to solve the murders of the family members that disowned him if only to prove his innocence.


The story takes place in Japan, were a young boy called Kazuma, from the most important family of fire mages, the Kannagi, is expelled from his home by his own father after being defeated by a young relative of him, Ayano, and demonstrate being unable to control that element.

Four years have passed since then, and the mysterious death of Kannagi members coincide with the return of that boy, who has become a powerfull wind mage after making a contract with the Wind God himself and changed his name to Kazuma Yagami. The deaths seem to point to no other than Kazuma, but he says hes not guilty, no mater how resentful he may be with his relatives, and agrees to work along side Ayano, who has now grown to be a really pretty woman and, as the successor of his father, wields the Enraiha, a sacred sword given to the Kannagi by the Fire God, but no need to say Kazuma accepts only after Jugo Kannagi, the family elder and Ayano´s father pays him a big amount of money. This becomes the beginning of the adventures they both have together, as they will have to fight not only evil demons that threat the city and the family, but also learn how to trust each other and eventually face their love.


Kazuma Yagami

is a handsome young man that is a outcast from is family and tradition of wind wielders. when he makes his entrance in this anime he complains that he doesn't like poking in other peoples business but he only seems to complicate Ayano's life. there adventure starts together and ends with them being closer then ever.

Ayano Kannagi

is a young red-headed high school girl that is part of a long family tradition. but not a normal family her family members are all elementals and they are all fire wielders. she was raised the oldest and the fact that the was a girl didn't exactly make it very tempting of her becoming the leader. so she works extra hard, learns extra hard and hits really really hard.

Ren Kannagi

is the younger of Ayano and her having a huge tough attitude gives him the short end of the stick. he is shy, smart and very good at stating the obvious unlike his tsundere sister

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Junichi Sakata
Gonzo Digimation

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General Information Edit
Name Kaze no Stigma
Name: 風のスティグマ
Publisher Gonzo
Start Year 2007
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Aliases Stigma of the Wind
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