Kazari Uiharu

Kazari Uiharu is a anime/manga character in the To Aru Majutsu no Index franchise
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A student at Sakugawa Middle School and member of Judgement.

Uiharu is a level 1 esper. Her ability is Thermal Hand, but she doesn't tell anybody about it, except Haruee. She's a member of Judgment and a partner of Shirai Kuroko. She's an expert in computers, often searches for information for the case.

Character Evolution


She has short black hair, thick eyebrows, and brown eyes. She wears a headband made of artificial flower (she always wear it). Comparing to Misaka, Kuroko and Saten, she's short.


She's humble and shy, but always friendly. She's also kind and gentle, seldom gets angry. She's high-spirited girl and sometimes got air-headed. She doesn't like if her friend become suspicious to another friend. She idolized Misaka and she's very happy when Kuroko introduced her to Misaka.


Her ability is "Thermal Hand", which allows her to maintain the temperature of objects. Even so, she still can not use it properly, like when she touches object with hot temperate, she can only keep it warm.

She is also very talented on the computer, can hack into almost all of Academy City's systems with ease. Her main job in Judgement is working on the computer and use it to support the other members, such as picking up info on trouble makers. This more than makes up for her weak esper ability and lack of physical strength.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Aki Toyosaki
Cherami Leigh
General Information Edit
Name: Kazari Uiharu
Name: 初春 飾利
Romanji: Uiharu Kazari
Gender: Female
1st manga book: A Certain Scientific Railgun #1
1st anime episode: A Certain Scientific Railgun #1
1st anime movie:
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Energy Manipulation
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