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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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A hairstyle

Arcobaleno Pacifiers

Arcobaleno Pacifiers

Ball and Chain

A long metal ball attached by a chain that historically has been used to keep prisoners detained.

Bamboo Sword

A Bamboo Sword, shinai, is a practice sword made of bamboo for sparring or the practice and competition of Kendo.

Box Weapons

These tools from the future could be opened by matching their unique flame type in order to release a wide variety of things from weapons to animals, all created by the owners flame.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are known in Japan as Sakura. Popularized by Japanese culture. They are the centerpiece of Spring festivals.

Curry Rice

Curry Rice is quite possibly one of the most popular dishes in Japan. The curry is created using meat, vegetables, a sauce, and spices. Introduced to Japan around the late 1800's to early 1900's


Geta are a form of traditional Japanese footwear that resemble both clogs and flip-flops.

Hell Rings

There are only six of these mist-type cursed rings.


A Kimono is a traditional piece of Japanese clothing that is worn by women, men, and children alike. They are normally long robes with long and wide sleeves.

Mare Rings

The Mare Rings are Rings, along with the Arcobaleno Pacifiers and the Vongola Rings, that make up the Tri-Ni-Set (Trinisette). They are used by Millefiore Family.


A mask is an object worn to cover the face. They can be just small enough to cover the eyes or the entire face. A person normally wears a mask to attempt to hide their identity.

Octopus Balls

Octopus Balls are known in Japan as "takoyaki". A popular kind of vendor food that are a baked or fried, round dumplings made of diced octopus.


Hazardous chemicals that can harm the body. Different poisons may have different effects and different methods of entering the body.


Ramen is a popular noodle dish throughout Asia. It originated in China, but introduced into Japan. Served in a broth made from fish or meat.


A alcoholic beverage from Japan.


Permanent marks left on the body after a deep cut or wound. Mostly given to characters with a history of violence.

Shigure Kintoki

Shigure Kintoki is Yamamoto's sword. It's a special sword that usually look like a bamboo sword, but it transforms to a katana when used Shigure Soen Ryu style.

Shimon Rings

Shimon Rings are the long lost Rings of the Shimon family, revealed after an earthquake.


A Japanese delicacy consisting of cooked vinegared rice which is commonly topped with other ingredients, such as fish or other seafood. It is sometimes rolled in to a roll or open. Sushi is one of the most common foods in the world.


Swimwear is clothing designed for participating in different manners of water based events and/or to be worn as light clothing in hot conditions, such as those at a beach.

Ten Year Bazooka

A weapon that has the ability to make whoever it hits swap places with themselves ten years in the future.


Tentacles appear quite frequently in ecchi manga/anime series. They can be from monsters, animals, robots, magic, or demons. Seen as a stereotype of manga/anime.


A long staff with three points at the end. Usually a symbol of demons or the sea.



Vongola Rings

These rings are bestowed upon the seven guardians of the Vongola family. They help them to focus their dying will flames, making them stronger.

X Gloves

The gloves that were given to Tsuna by Leon and Reborn. They have the power to focus his Dying Will Flame allowing him to have greater power and even fly. These gloves have undergone many changes throughout the series.


A Yukata is a type of Kimono made of cotton that is often worn at summer festivals or after a bath in traditional Japanese Inns.

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