Katangatari: is anyone in Maniwa corps not garbage?

Topic started by sickVisionz on April 29, 2010. Last post by Sigue 4 years, 11 months ago.
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Is there anyone in Maniwa Corps who doesn't get killed with minimal effort?  The anime introduced them as an elite team of ninjas but every time one of them shows up they're instakilled in combat.  They don't even exchange blows in a fight.  They get instantly sliced in half, captured and otherwise made a fool of.  To the people that have read the novels or manga, do they eventually start to pose a threat to people that they come across or are they always canon fodder like foot soldiers from Ninja Turtles? 
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@sickVisionz:  They are just secondary villains i guess. The real opponents in this series are the people who hold those swords
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Well, to be fair, they've always been up against extremely powerful individuals. I'm sure they would do great against 99.9% of people they could fight, but they just happen to get extremely unlucky with the people they choose to fight. Especially the ones that went to kidnap Onee-sama... That went well.
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