Katanagatari is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Katanagatari is a franchise based off of a Japanese series created by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Take.


The original run for the light novel series was January, 2007 to December, 2007. An anime adaption by white Fox began airing January 25, 2010 and ran until December 10, 2010 with only one episode airing a month. This series revolves around a weaponless swordsman and 12 legendary swords.


Shichika Yasuri's entire life he was raised to be a weapon and in a family who is known to be incapable of handling swords your body is your sword. Shichika knows nothing about the outside world or normal social customs and is bad at expressing emotion because of this when he is found by Togame who came to ask his help on a quest to find the 12 "Devient Blade" swords forged by the legendary sword smith Kiki Shikizaki for the shogunate. Togame had been burned once on this quest and asked Shichika to fall in love with her as love would out wiegh any other benifit on this quest. Shichika does state he loves Togame and follows her orders even when it doesn't make since.

Togame who is fact daughter of Takahito Hida a feudal lord that had led the last rebellion and was killed by Mutsue Yasuri. She was Princess Yosha and after she had witnessed the murder of her father the eye that she seen it with changed to snake like when she was plotting. While she could plot even the most brutal plans, Togame is cheery and prone to having a weakness for extravagant clothing.

Together Shichika and Togame travel on their quest where they will have to defeat The Wielders of the Twelve Deviant Blades. Both will experience grief and happiness unlike any they had before.


Main Characters

Shichika Yasuri (鑢 七花 Yasuri Shichika)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Shichika Yasuri was raised on an isolated island in the country of Tamba, 24 year old Shichika Yasuri had lived a sheltered and narrow life only consisting of sword martial arts as he was the seventh head of the Kyotōryū school of Japanese sword martial art's and had been raised solely as a weapon foregoing normal social customs and so when he meets Togame he has trouble expressing himself even as far as telling people apart. On the quest with Togame he defeats Hakuhei Sabi and retrieves the Deivant Blade and inherits the title of Strongest swordsman in Japan. Shichika's family is known for being unable to handle swords and Shichika uses his body as his sword. After Togame's death in his grief and anger he decides he must die at the hands of Emonzaemon as well and storms the shogunate's castle.
Togame (とがめ Togame)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura
Togame is the daughter of Takahito Hida a feudal lord that had lead the last rebellion self-titled strategist Togame is extremely strong willed and intelligent. After seeing her father murdered her hair turned white and the eye she seen it out of turns snake-like when she is plotting. Capable of brutal and twisted schemes she is still cheery and continues to act as royalty often wearing extravagant clothes. Working for the shogunate she travels to Tamba where Shichika lives to seek his help in finding the 'Deviant Blade" swords. Feeling love was the only way to not be betrayed again as she had already been burned once she tells Shichika he must love her to which he does. At the end of the quest Togame is fatally wounded telling Shichika that she had planned to kill him at the end and he should move on and forget about her but would it be okay for her to love him.

The Wielders of the Twelve Deviant Blades

Kōmori Maniwa (真庭 蝙蝠 Maniwa Kōmori)

Voiced by: Chihiro Suzuki

Komori Maniwa is one of the heads of the Maniwa Corps and a member of the beast squad Kōmori wields Kanna a unbend-able and unbreakable straight blade designed sword that he stores inside his body. He and through the technique of Kotsuniku Zaiku can also transform into and exact copy of any being. He is the first opponent in the series to fight Shichika. He is killed by Shichika while copying Shichika's appearance.
Ginkaku Uneri (宇練 銀閣 Uneri Ginkaku)
Voiced by: Mitsuru Miyamoto
Ginkaku Uneri is a swordsman who's fighting style is solely based on a sword drawing technique called Zerosen, which can kill an opponent in one strike, he wields the Namakura a katana and and with draw speed so great you are never able to see the blade allows him to do so perfectly. The Namakura had been passed down through the generations in his family causing him to be possessive of it and unwilling to surrender it to anyone. Ginkaku was the second of Shichika's opponents he is killed when Shichika takes advantage of a weakness in the Zerosen technique a blind spot directly above his head.
Meisai Tsuruga (敦賀 迷彩 Tsuruga Meisai)
Voiced by: Atsuko Yuya
Meisai Tsuruga is the head of the Sanzu shrine located in Izumo she used a technique that revolves around using all different blades at your disposal called Sentouryū. She wielded Tsurugi which created a thousand exact copies of the original sword made by shikizaki. The thousand copies are used by her girls, all women who had been abused to the extent of being feral towards anyone one of the opposite sex, in an attempt to use the swords magical properties to heal the girls of their emotional scars. While willing to hand over the sword to Togame she duals Shichika for the sake of the girls. She is killed by Shichika when he told her that she was wielding the true Tsuruga out of the thousand and that it was fate, before dying she asks Togame for protection for the girls and the shrine from Shogunate to which Togame agrees.
Hakuhei Sabi (錆 白兵 Sabi Hakuhei)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa
Hakuhei Sabi was originally sent to retrieve the Hakutou he ends up taking it for himself and as a one of Japan's strongest swordsmen he proves to be a much more powerful opponent than those that came before him. However the battle between Sabi and Shichika is never shown.
Kanara Azekura (校倉 必 Azekura Kanara)
Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Koyama

Kanara Azekura who at a young age was on a ship with his younger sister was attacked by pirates and as a result his younger sister was killed and he was taken as a slave. One of his jobs as a slave for the pirates was to clean the Yoroi, a suit of armor. Five years into his enslavement he was urged to try on the Yoroi and he used it to turn on the murderous pirates and take his revenge for the killing of his sister. Now as a pirate that rules the small port town of Satsuma he wields Yoroi which covers his appearance most of the time. Upon seeing Togame and seeing a resemblance to his young sister strikes a bargain that if he should dual Shichika and win that she would be his. Shichika has a hard time finding a weakness and only defeating him when he throws Azekura in the air and he crashes to the ground. As the first survivor in the quest for the blades he has the ship carrying Shichika and Togame change its course out of spite for his defeat at Shichika's hands.

Konayuki Itezora (凍空 こなゆき Itezora Konayuki)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
Konayuki Itezora who is the only survivor of the Itecora clan on Mount Odori in the Ezo region ,which was killed off by Nanami Yasuri in the search for the swords, eleven year old Konayuki was the weakest of all even the children of her clan. she is to weak to lift the Kanazuchi, a sword that was owned by the mayors son, for it was to heavy. Konayuki finds the freezing Shichika and Togame and takes them back to her makeshift home telling them of the Konayuki and of instructions her clan left that she is to dual for Kanazuchi. Due to Shichika's unwillingness to kill Konayuka he goes easy on her and she breaks his arm during the fight ending it in Shichika's first loss. Later after attacking and defeating Kyōken Maniwa she is later possessed by her and made to fight Shichika and Togame. Shichika is able to defeat the spirit and Konayuki is spared. She then agrees to take the Kanazuchi to the mainland and apologizes for lying about them having to dual her for the Kanazuchi.
Nanami Yasuri (鑢 七実 Yasuri Nanami)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
Nanami Yasuri is Shichika's older sister and while had no real training can learn a fighting style simply by watching and master it by the second time watching. While outwardly she seems genteel and weak in a fight she can be an intimidating opponent. She can recover from wounds and poison quickly making her a difficult opponent and the only time she fought Shichika it ended in a draw. In her quest for the swords she kills of the Itezora clan but doesn't take the Kanazuchi because it holds no use for her. Then killing off the Shireizan clan she gets Bita, a katana. Going to her brother and asking for death which is impossible for her to achieve on her own due to her abilities Shichika kills her granting her the death she asked for.
Biyorigō (日和号 Biyorigō)
Voiced by: Aya Endo
Biyorigo the name given to the Katana Kanzashi the doll has four fast flexible arms and legs , a blade in its mouth and is armed with more blades. With unusual attack patterns and a quick wit it lives in an abandoned lake and attacks any it feels threatens it. While Shichika has trouble due to its fast blocking and quick attacks, Togame forces Biyorigo to shut down when it jumps in the air and tries to attack from above and it is later sent to Princess Hitei.

Zanki Kiguchi (汽口 慚愧 Kiguchi Zanki)

Voiced by: Shizuka Itō

Zankji Kiguchi runs a dojo she is calm and serious and wields the Nokogiri, a wooded sword also known as the King Sword. She wins the first dual with Shichika and later tries to train him in Kendo. Due to the families inability to actually use a sword Shichika never learns kendo but wins against her with Togame's help. She admits defeat and hands over the Nokogiri.
Rinne Higaki (彼我木 輪廻 Higaki Rinne)
Voiced by: Miyako Itō
Rinne Higaki a saint who resembles to others as those whom they don't want to remember has lived for more than 300 years and was a friend of Kiki Shikizaki who gave him the Hakari. He feared the blades poisoness nature would affect him so he buried the Hakari.
Hōō Maniwa (真庭 鳳凰 Maniwa Hōō)
Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu
Hoo Maniwa who has the ability to decapitate someone with the swing of his arm Hōō Maniwa Wields the Mekki He finds it in a cave and claims it for himself. He is the leader of the Maniwa Ninja Corp's Bird squad. He cuts his arm off in order to form an alliance with Togame though he gets the use of it back later. Hōō was possessed by the spirit of Kiki Shikizaki and battles Shichika.
Emonzaemon Sōda (左右田 右衛門左衛門 Sōda Emonzaemon)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama
Emonzaemon Soda who was previously a ninja under Aioi Corps, a group that was eliminated by the Maniwa Corps over 170 years ago, Emonzaemon is a faithful follower of Princess Hitei and is a spy for her telling her of Togame and Shichika's movements. He wields Jū, a pair of pistols. He kills Togame and later fights Shichika loosing the battle.

Other Characters

Princess Hitei
Just coming back in power she degrades and lords over Emonzaemon and has Jū she is often seen plotting against Togame. At the end of the series she decides to follow Shichika around and support him in his endeavors to a fanatical degree.
Maniwa Ninja Corps

An opposing clan looking for the Deviant Blades split into four groups Bird squad, Beast Squad, Fish Squad and Insect Squad.
The Eleven Retainers of the Yanari Shogunate

A group of eleven individuals under direct command of the Yanari Shogun who joined Emonzaemon forming a gauntlet to prevent Shichika from reaching the Shogun himself, each armed with one of the twelve deviant blades.
Hannyamaru He wields Zettō Kanna
Furachi Oniyadori He wields Zantō Namakura
Akatsuki Tomoe She wields Sentō Tsurugi
Matsuaki Fugi He wields Hakutō Hari
Kairo Iga He wields Zokutō Yoroi
Bōfura Maniwa He wields Kanazuchi
Uron He wields Akutō Bita
ŌHaiga She wields Biyorigo
Kokubo Sumigaoka He wields Outō Nokogiri
Kōsha Saraba She wields Seitō Hakari
Bangai Rogiri He wields Mekki

Light Novel

Katanagatari (January - December 2007)

Katanagatari was originaly a series of light novels written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Take and its original run was January 2007 to December 2007.


Katanagatari (January - December 2010)

The 12 episode anime adaption also titled Katanagatari and illustrated by Take. Keitaro Motonaga directed and it had its original run on January 25, 2010 until December 10, 2010


This show is noted to not be about merchandising so there is very little out there. There are however some Nendoroid Petite Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Sets available for purchase.

General Information Edit
Name: Katanagatari
Name: 刀語
Romaji: Katanagatari
Aliases: Sword Story
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