Karui is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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Karui is a kunochi from the Hidden Cloud and a member of Team Samui. She is related to Omoi, and a student of Killer Bee, whom she respects very much. She,along with Omoi and Samui make up a very powerful team from the Land of Lightning.


Karui is a dark skinned kunoichi from the Hidden Cloud Village of the Land of Lightning and member of the Team Samui along with Omoi and Samui. She is a  Killer Bee's student and highly respects him. She is a very talented ninja who is considered to be on an elite level. She is especially skilled with a sword and her agility is top-notch among other ninja.


Naruto Vol. 45 JPN (Feb 2009)
Naruto Vol. 45 JPN (Feb 2009)
Karui is a supporting character from the anime/manga series Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. Her name means in Japanese 軽い (karui), which means "light" (as in "not heavy"). This is a characteristic that mimic her personality.

Karui first appeared in Naruto Volume 45, CH. 417 "Raikage on the Move!", and her first anime appearance was in Naruto - Episode 156 "Surpassing the Master". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Yuka Komatsu.

Character Evolution

Karui has a strong personality and is really self-confident, she is also an impulse person and doesn't regrets for her actions; even after she punched Naruto and left Konoha she didn't worry too much about him, and when he failed to convince the Raikage to not eliminate Sasuke, Karui just went straight by and gave a hint of a smile of satisfaction. She often argues with Omoi because of the big diference between their personalities, but respects Samui and specially Killer Bee. Unlike other characters that meet Naruto, Karui didn't end sympathizing with him, at least by now.

Major Story Arcs

Invasion of Pain Arc

Karui in her discussion with Omoi.
Karui in her discussion with Omoi.
After the Raikage was informed about the capture of Killer Bee by Taka, he summoned the Team Samui and gave them the mission of delivering an important document to the Hidden Village of the Leaf. The document explained that the Hidden Village of the Clouds would take charge of Sasuke and also requested all the information that the village could provide. When Karui was informed about what happened to her master, she reacted positively saying that it was impossible that her master could had been beated and that probably all was a mistake, on the other hand, Omoi reacted very negatively because he was thinking that their master could be suffering or even could be dead, which caused an argument between Karui and him, after that, the Raikage stopped the discussion by telling them that they would save Killer Bee whatever the cost.

Five Kage Summit Arc

Right after the end of the "Invasion of Pain" Arc, the Team Samui is seen walking to Konoha. Meanwhile Omoi started to get worried because he didn't know what to do if the beautiful girls of village fell in love with him, Karui told him that he could simply go out with all of them, but then Omoi got worried again because he thought that all those girls could commit suicide because of the loneliness after he left the village. A discussion between them started, and at certain point Karui threw Omoi a rock, he dodge it and thought that it could cause an avalanche that would destroy Konoha, the funny thing of this is that the Shrinra Tensei of Pain had already destroyed the village, so, when the Team Samui arrived to its destination, Karui though it was her fault.    
Omoi & Karui encountering with the Team 7.
Omoi & Karui encountering with the Team 7.
When the Team Samui finally delivered the document (the one that involved Sasuke and his actions against Kumogakure) to the Sixth Hokage,  Shimura  Danzo, they received his approval for getting rid of Sasuke. While Samui was in the process to receive all the information that they needed, Karui and Omoi decided to explore the village to look for all the extra information they could get, besides they couldn't wait anymore to know something about the situation of their master. They found Naruto, Sakura and Sai talking about Sasuke, so, they attacked them and demanded information about the renegade ninja of Konoha. After Karui and Omoi told the Team 7 about the actions of Sasuke in Akatsuki, Naruto told the Kumogakure ninjas that their master could be still alive because Akatsuki doesn't kill the Jinchuurikis until the Bijuu is extracted from their body, which made them feel better. He also told them that he would help them to rescue their master and also would give them all the information that he had about Akatsuki. Karui felt satisfied with the attitude of Naruto and asked him to go with them.

Omoi stopping Karui.
Omoi stopping Karui.
Once that Karui, Omoi and Naruto were alone, the Kumogakure ninjas tried again to get Naruto talking about Sasuke, but he refused because he didn't want to sell his "friend" and because of the chains of hatred. Then, Omoi and Karui asked Naruto what should they do with their hatred, Naruto answered that he would receive it, so, Karui started punching Naruto repeatedly until she got tired. She said that she wouldn't stop until hearing some information about  Sasuke but before she could punch Naruto again, Sai stopped her, Karui tried to puch Sai too but Omoi stopped her saying that it was pointless to continue fighting. Later Samui arrived and asked Omoi and Karui for help to copy down the Konoha's information about Akatsuki and Sasuke. When they finished copying down all the data, the Team Samui headed for the Land of Iron to meet with the Raikage and report him the results of their mission. At the moment they met, Shee, who accompanied the Raikage, detected the presence of Konoha ninjas in the area, then Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi showed up and tried to convice the Raikage to not kill Sasuke, but they failed (fact that pleased Karui). After that, the Team Samui returned to their village and later welcomed the Raikage, Bee, Shee and Darui after the Five Kage Summit.

Shinobi World War Arc

Powers & Abilities

Voiced by
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Yuka Komatsu
General Information Edit
Name: Karui
Name: カルイ
Romanji: Karui
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Naruto #45
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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