Karma is an anime episode of K that was released on 11/08/2012

Plot Summary

In a dream, Mikoto hears a voice saying that his powers are meant to protect not destroy. The footage of Tatara's killer is replayed, and Anna asks Mikoto not to go. Then, Mikoto wakes up from his nightmare. Meanwhile at a cafe, Shiro recalls his investigation, and Kuroh reminds him that Shiro is under investigation. He tells Shiro that someone framed him. Shiro looks at his surroundings and asks the chef about the photos. He asks him about his picture, and he states that Shiro is definitely his frequent customer. At the HOMRA Bar, Seri joins Izumo who calls her the heartless woman, and Seri requests him not to tell the guys strange things. Seri asks for a martini, and Seri asks what is the Red King up to. She asks him if he notices Mikoto's Weissman level is almost exceeded. Izumo states that Mikoto turn himself in to stop himself from burning the city to the ground. Seri looks at the music machine.

Eight Years Ago

Izumo remarks how some kid is stalking Mikoto, and he receives a call about the same kid being beaten up and taken to a hospital. Over at the hospital, Mikoto and Izumo meet Tatara, the kid. Mikoto asks Tatara who has beaten him up, and Tatara requests Mikoto to scratch his cast feet. Though, Mikoto hits Tatara on the head. Izumo tells Tatara to be careful, and Tatara does not seem to mind since he wants to be the King's vassal.

Back to the present, Kuroh tries to read Shiro's note, and he tries to call Kukuri. Neko asks him to go back to ask Kukuri because Neko hates cellphones. Shiro calls Kukuri who does not recognize him. Kuroh thinks Neko did something to Kukuri. Shiro wants to call his home to see if someone knows him. He finds out his phone is dead.

Three Years Ago

Mikoto arrives to the HOMRA bar all stressed out, and he sees Tatara waking up from his nap. Tatara asks him about the fight, and Mikoto asks why he is a king since too many people come for him. Mikoto sees Anna staring at him, and Tatara reassures him that everything will work out. Mikoto asks Tatara about Tom Yam Goong, and Tatara explains it's a red, hot, sour soup.

Back to the present once again, Shiro goes over the scenarios, and Kuroh adds another scenario if Shiro lost his memories.

Three Months Ago

Tatara tries flipping the skateboard, and Yata demonstrates. Izumo tells them to do it outside. Mikoto remarks to Izumo that Tatar is a strange, carefree guy. He asks Anna if she just laugh once he hears bubbles, but Anna shakes her head no. Tatara mentions that he has an camcorder, and Anna asks Tatara if he's going to sing a song. Then, Tatara strums his guitar and sings a soothing song for everyone. Mikoto smiles for a moment.

At a park in the present, Shiro tells Kuroh that this was his home, and Shiro states that Yashiro Isana may not exist. Kuroh asks Shiro who he is, and Shiro replies that he is not sure anymore. Shiro asks if Kuroh wants to slay him.

One Week Ago

Yata and Rikio rush to see Tatara who is fatally wounded, and Izumo tells Yata not to push Tatara hard. Yata swears that he will get Tatara fixed, and Tatara reassures Yata that everything will work out in the end. Yata cries out for his dead friend, and Izumo looks at the camcorder. He calls Mikoto to deliver the bad news.

Back to the present, Kuroh plays his master's quotes, and he tells him not to give up.

Points of Interest

  • Seri's martini is four parts gin to one part vermouth and five scoops of red bean paste.
  • Neko hates cellphones.
  • Ending Credits has a compilation of photos of the Homura Clan and Tatara. The song is changed to "Circle of Friends" by Yuuki Kaji.


  • Tatara to Mikoto: Your powers are not meant for destruction. They exist to protect.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Circle of Friends" by Yuuki Kaji

Characters & Voice Actors

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