Is there a worse shonen girl than Karin Uzamuki?

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There's a war going on and people are dying left and right and all she can think about is blowing a guy who made it very clear he doesn't care about her when he tried to kill her and she even rushed onto the battlefield, charging at enemies just because she could feel Sasuke's presence like an idiot.

The worst part is that she only loves him because of his looks and she knows nothing about him other than the fact he's a Uchiha. To her his good looks excuses the fact that he tried to kill her and threw her aside like garbage meanwhile Sakura is playing a major role in the war and keeping Naruto alive and even surpassed Tsunade. Even Hinata got development.

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I see no point to this thread , other then to have a opinionated rant / banter about how much you don't like this character . So I am out

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orihime, tenten, sakura

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