Karen Lilica

Karen Lilica is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A Celestial Spirit Mage from the Blue Pegasus Guild that was killed by the Oración Seis member Angel. The Celestial Spirits she had contracts with were Leo (Loke) and Aries.


Karen Lilica is a cruel seductress who treats her celestial spirits like objects/tools. She is very abusive on her celestial spirit Aries and her main battle spirit is Loke. Like Loke, she has a harem of guys who tend to her every need. Her many lovers include Hibiki Laytis.

Metaphor: Aries is Karen's shield and Loke is Karen's sword.


Karen Lilica, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information on what inspired the author to create her.



Like Lucy, Karen Lilica has well endowed body who wears a revealing outfit. With an attractive body, Karen attracts lots of perverted men and the jealously of her female guild members.

Interesting note: Her female guild members calls her a slut which is a similar treatment that Lucky Ollietta receives from her female guild members. According to Lucy, she appears in the Weekly Sorcerer magazine.

Blue Pegasus stamp: A blue stamp in on her right side of her body which is below her right breast. She also has some tattoos on her body.

Story Arc

Phantom Guild Arc

She is mention when Loke goes help Lucy. When Loke's body begins to tremble and become weak, Loke says "Karen."

Loke Arc

Karen Lilica appears only in the Loke's flashback during the Loke arc. Loke explains to Lucy how his neglect indirectly killed Karen. When Karen uses Aries' body to shoo away her harem of unwanted rich guys, Karen has made Bob angry. Bob gets angry because he tells Karen not to abuse her spirits. Bob's reasons are that spirits are people, too. When Karen gets to her room, she summons Aries and starts beating her. She tries to punish Aries by making her stay in the human world for seven days. The reason is that spirits cannot live too long in the human world and must return to the spirit world to survive or replenish their life force. However, Loke summons himself and sends Aries to the spirit world where she is safe. Since Karen cannot summon more than one spirit, Loke has got her. Karen hears Loke's proposition that Loke wants Karen to rip her contracts with Loke and Aries to free them. Karen gets threaten by Loke because she cannot go on missions without Loke. However, Karen refuses Loke's proposition. After a month, Karen goes to beg Loke who is at a church to help her in a mission. Yet, Karen still refuses to rip her contracts, so Loke refuses to obey her. After three months, Karen dies in a mission when she tries to fight a mage without her spirits.

In the end, Loke blames himself for killing her.

Powers and Abilities

She is a Celestial Spirit mage and like Lucy, uses the assistance of Celestial Spirits to fight. Unlike Lucy, she never summon two or more spirits at one time.

For abilities, she has no hand-to-hand combat. For weapons, she has handcuffs, but that is for torturing Aries.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, Loke's flashback occurs during the Tower of Heaven arc, but in the anime, Loke's flashback has a separate arc that takes place after Phantom Guild and before Tower of Heaven arc.

General Information Edit
Name: Karen Lilica
Name: カレン・リリカ
Romanji: Karen Ririka
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #9
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #32
1st anime movie:
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