Karen Bee, Part 6

Karen Bee, Part 6 is an anime episode of Nisemonogatari that was released on 02/11/2012

Plot Summary

Having partially healed Karen in the previous episode, Koyomi heads out to Hitagi's house. Along the way there, he sees Mayoi and the two of them have a discussion about maturity. Afterwards, they go their separate ways and Koyomi arrives at Hitagi's house, where they discuss Kaiki and how to put an end to his scheming. Once they've come up with their plan, Koyomi returns to his home to rest before he and Hitagi set things in motion. Upon entering his house, he is met by Tsukihi, who has become frantic due to Karen rushing out to confront Kaiki yet again. Fearing for Karen's safety, Koyomi immediately begins searching for her but begins to panic once he realizes that he has no clue where to begin his search. Luckily, Shinobu appears in the nick of time to lend a helping hand.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Akio Watanabe Character Artist/Designer A Japanese animator, character designer and animation director who often goes by the name Poyoyon Rock.
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Junichiro Taniguchi Associate Director


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