Karen Bee, Part 5

Karen Bee, Part 5 is an anime episode of Nisemonogatari that was released on 02/04/2012

Plot Summary

This episode begins with Tsukihi poking fun at Koyomi's small circle of friends while Tsubasa tends to Karen's illness. After Karen's side effects have calmed down and an accidental slip of his bath towel, Koyomi walks Tsubasa home. Along the way, the two discuss Karen's affliction and Tsubasa's growing friendship with Koyomi's sisters. After returning home, Koyomi asks Karen what happened when she confronted Kaiki and we find out that not only did he attack her, but that he has been cursing middle school students as well. Karen's fever kicks back up and in an effort to ease her discomfort, Koyomi strips her and wipes the sweat off her body and, with the help of Shinobu, comes up with a rather risque way to get rid of her curse.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Ryo Music The founding member of Supercell who provides the music and lyrics for the group.


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