Karen Bee, Part 3

Karen Bee, Part 3 is an anime episode of Nisemonogatari that was released on 01/21/2012

Plot Summary

This episode kicks off with Koyomi wrapping up his visit with Suruga, who informs him about the intricacies of all of the women in his love life. While leaving her house, Koyomi meets a mysterious man named Kaiki Deishu who seems to be completely engulfed in his own world yet eerily familiar with Suruga. Deciding that it would be best to not get involved with him, Koyomi goes elsewhere and eventually comes across Hitagi walking down the street. After being ignored, he decides to follow her but finds himself getting chewed out about their relationship and the number of girls he's interacted with that day. During the conversation, Koyomi mentions his encounter with Kaiki and blacks out. Koyomi awakens in the kidnapping scene from Karen Bee Part 1and is informed by Hitagi that she has kidnapped him in order to prevent him from further interacting with Kaiki, who is dangerous. In the middle of the scene, Koyomi receives a distressing text message from Tsukihi and breaks free from his restraints in order to check up on her.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Akio Watanabe Character Artist/Designer A Japanese animator, character designer and animation director who often goes by the name Poyoyon Rock.
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Ryo Music The founding member of Supercell who provides the music and lyrics for the group.


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