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Karas is an anime series in the Karas franchise
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Eko Hoshunin

A Karas of Tokyo since the Edo period. In events before the start of the show, Eko turned his back on his duties, and started a plan to revitalize the city and its yōkai. He attracted several yōkai to be his cybernetic followers and intended to subjugate the humans.


A female Karas from another city who came to Tokyo with her Yurine, to help fight against Eko Hoshunin.



The Main character of the Karas anime. Otoha was in a coma until the day Yurine came to him and gave him the powers of the Raven Karas. Now he is a doctor and protector of the city.


A Yurine is the partner of a Karas. Every Karas is partnered with one and if a Yurine dies they lose their powers.

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