KARAKURI NINJA GIRL is an anime movie
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Fawn Bell (Rei Rei) and her lover Moon Shadow (Tsukimaru) are cast from their ninja village due to their exhibitionist ways, and they must try to function in modern society.

Reirei the sex ninja (Fawn Bell in the U.S. translation) and her companion Tsukimaru (Moon Shadow) attempt to escape from their hard life in Ninja Country so they can settle down together. After several sexual humiliations at the hands of their pursuers, they eventually reach our own world (compare to Bewitched Agnès), where Reirei becomes a housewife, and Tsukimaru puts his climbing skills to use as a construction worker. However, their married bliss is interrupted by the arrival of Reirei's former lesbian lover Asagiri (Morning Mist), who demands that she return to her homeland. When initial entreaties fail, she attempts to remind her what she's been missing, immobilizes her by attaching a sacred card to her privates (difficult to do unnoticed, even with ninja skills) and tries to carry off Tsukimaru. However, true love conquers, and then it's Asagiri's turn for a bit of erotic punishment from Tsukimaru. A light-hearted erotic anime based on a manga by Ryo Ramiya (wife of Hiroyuki Utatane), lampooning many of the traditions of both other erotica and the magical-girl genre itself. LNV

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Release Date: Jan. 1, 1996
Name: 忍法乱れからくり
Romaji: Ninpo Midare Karakuri
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Sowing Disorder the Ninja Way
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