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Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma is the son of Yujiro Hanma the world's strongest creature. Baki pushes himself to become to a better fighter, so that he can one day defeat his father.

Daisaku Kusama


Enki is one of the 4 Oni Generals in the Momo Kyun series.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.

Hamura Shou

Hikorou Oikawa


One of Shotaro Ishinomori`s favorite heroes


InuYasha is the half-breed demon who fell in love with a human priestess, Kikyo; but the two fell into the trap of the demon Naraku to turn against each other. After several decades of slumber, he's released by Kikyo's descendant to find the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

Kaitou Kid

A famous thief that has never been arrested. Only Conan has been able to foil his robberies.

Kanata Tokino

L Lawliet

L is one of the world's greatest detectives. His identity was always a guarded secret. His biggest and deadliest case was tracking down the killer known as Kira.

Ranma Saotome

A teenage martial artist, who is a boy...usually.


Ryuichi Sakuma

Ryuichi is the former vocalist of Nittlegrasper and is often described as a musical and lyrical genius. This may be true when he's on stage, but when the spotlight's off his mentality is closer to that of a four-year old.

Sai Saici

Sena Izumi

Shinichi Kudo

He is a High School detective who was attacked by two criminals, Gin and Vodka. As a result, he is given APTX4869. His body turned small and he became Edogawa Conan.

Sorata Muon

The Master thief known as Mouse.

Subaru Sumeragi

Takuya Enoki

Tochiro Oyama

Tochiro is Captain Harlock's best friend. His origin and story vary depending on which series he is in.

Tomonori Iwaki


A member of the Garuru Platoon who serves as the groups Hacker.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi


Ussop is the long-nosed sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. He enjoys telling tall-tales and dreams of becoming a great warrior of the seas.

Wataru Itabashi

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