Kaoru Yamazaki

Kaoru Yamazaki is a anime/manga character in the Welcome to the NHK franchise
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Kaoru Yamazaki is one of several protagonists in Welcome to the NHK. A major otaku and eroge fanatic, he is an old high school friend of Tatsuhiro Satou's, who had tried to save him from bullies long ago. Additionally, he holds a very profound dislike of women in general.


Kaoru Yamazaki is one of the protagonists in the Welcome to the NHK series. A friend of Tatsuhiro Satou's from high school, Kaoru is an otaku obsessed with mainly two things: eroge and the fictional mahou shoujo anime Puru Puru Pururin. To satisfy these two loves of his, he is student at a video game design school and also a fervent Akihabara-visiting collector. Underneath the superficialities, however, lie a more critical person, especially towards the government and women. Despite his supposed exclusivity to two-dimensional girls, he has dabbled in dating occasionally to varying degrees of success.


Kaoru grew up in rural area of Japan and had an upbringing which ultimately led him to being on bad terms with his parents. He opted to move out into the city as a way to be completely free and pursue his dreams, although this endeavor ultimately ends in failure when he is called back to run the family farm after learning of his father's sickness.

One aspect of Kaoru that is vague in terms of reason is his distaste towards women. This remains a relative mystery in the anime and manga version of the series, which is more concerned with depicting the motivations behind his game development venture with Tatsuhiro. In those versions, he brings up a story in which one of his childhood loves left him for another boy to go to a fireworks festival. Beyond that, though, the matter is left to be ambiguous. However, the novel sheds a bit of additional light as to why Kaoru typically loathes women. In one of his drunken moments with Tatsuhiro, he mentions the fact that at one point in his life, one of his sister's best friends had attempted to rape him, much to his high school friend's surprise. Much like the previous story involving the fireworks festival, other details are left out to further explain his distaste towards women.

Kaoru, at times, also longs to be a revolutionary and change beauracratic politics for the better, although how serious he is about that desire is debatable. His methods for bringing about this change are typically absurd in nature. Sometimes, he thinks he can make it happen by creatings an extremely thought-provoking eroge. Other times, though, he opts for more legally dubious methods, going so far as to attempt to create a bomb at one point. Nothing much ever comes to fruition in either scenario, as his work never garners much attention and his bomb turned out to be so poorly constructed as to not even make much of an explosion at all when tested at a local park.
Voiced by
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Greg Ayres
Daisuke Sakaguchi
General Information Edit
Name: Kaoru Yamazaki
Name: 山崎薫
Romanji: Yamazaki Kaoru
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Welcome to the NHK #1
1st anime episode: Welcome to the NHK #2
1st anime movie:
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