Kaori Makimura

Kaori Makimura is a anime/manga character in the City Hunter franchise
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The responsible business partner/manager of Ryo Saeba; she cooks, pays the bills, constantly searches for potential clients, and is also usually forced to keep Ryo's unparalleled perversions in check so he can do his job. She also secretly harbors deep romantic feelings for Ryo.


The younger sister of Hideyuki Makimura who was once Ryo Saeba's business partner, the headstrong and tomboyish Kaori decided to take on her late brother's position and role and is constantly searching for potential clients. Much to her dismay and disgust, Ryo is more often obsessed with womanizing beautiful females who don't have the money to pay for his services over legitimate clients who happen to be male. She often struggles to keep Ryo in check and his mind on his work and employs various booby traps, explosives, bullets, and insanely large mallets to teach him the errors of his ways. Not that it works for very long; but Kaori is sure that with enough time it will and Ryo is sure that she will ultimately give up out of frustration.

Unknown to Kaori, she is not the biological sister of Hideyuki and was in fact adopted. Ryo was supposed to inform of her per Hideyuki's last request but chose not to, believing that it would break her heart.

Despite her many protests to the contrary, Kaori harbors deep feelings for Ryo who it seems also shares them but out of respect for his friend and Kaori's late brother, he chooses not to act on them.

A constant running gag in the series is that due to her looks and the way she dresses, Kaori is often mistaken as a very bishonen-looking boy much to her dismay.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Joey Wong
Kazue Ikura
General Information Edit
Name: Kaori Makimura
Name: 槇村香
Romanji: Makimura Kaori
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: City Hunter #4
1st anime movie: City Hunter: .357 Magnum
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