Kanzaki Hajime

Kanzaki Hajime is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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The weakest of the Tohoshinki with a malicious nature. He was easily defeated by Oga, but despite his loss, he's become loyal to his remaining subordinates and new allies.


A third-year Ishiyama high school, Kanzaki Hajime is a thug just like Oga. However as a part of Touhoshinki, the schools' strongest group he has certain influence and has his own underlings. He was known as toughest guy known in the school until Oga found him to use him to separate himself from Baby Beel.


Kanzaki's Anime Design.
Kanzaki's Anime Design.

Kanzaki Hajime was created by series creator Rhuuhei Tamura as one of side character, but he still made several appearances.

Character Evolution


In the beginning of the series, Kanzaki made a appearance as ruthless leader who will fight anyone that makes him mad. As the series went on he developed more of a character who is loyal to his subordinates, if they have nerve to stay with him for long that is.At first he acted cruel to his own comrade, but later he himself goes to the extend of expelling himself for his comrade. In recent chapters it has been revealed that when someone pulls on the chain on his face, he'll become three times stronger than normal.

Major Story Arcs

Touhoushinki Arc

Oga blocks Kanzaki's kick.
Oga blocks Kanzaki's kick.

St. Ishiyama Arc

Demon Invasion Arc

When Furuichi and Lamia had to find Baby Beel's brother En, both decided to ask everybody else for help. Kanzaki joined in because Furuichi told everybody a lie saying that demons were thugs from another school that defeated Oga and Toujou.Just participating together in a war game.At first Kanzaki battalion belongs to the first couple Furuichi, but ends up changing Furuichi with Hanazawa . During the fight until your character dies Himekawa buy the game and changes the rules, making revive dead characters like zombies. In this way, and "without cheating" ended up winning the game.After three days that end up playing video games in a row at different turns sleeping until Himekawa discovers that is housed in the adjoining room, but when they see the room emptied, he mocks Kanzaki. When the explosion occurs, Kanzaki making a declaration of war by En.Later, at school, Kanzaki tries to talk to Oga to explain what is actually happening, but as Oga and drink Beel had exchanged their bodies, Beel (Oga's body) begins to stretch the piercing of Kanzaki.This furious, attacks Beel with a different attitude that usually shows Kanzaki, something that leaves Oga Furuichi and surprised. Beel will go when they go to fight and reveals Shiroyama Kanzaki becomes stronger if you stretch the piercing.

Kanzaki appears telling everyone that the school had been rebuilt Ishiyama, went with his subordinates and the Red Tails, arriving at the school meets Himekawa Furuichi and discovering that the name of the school was Akumano, entering the school are with three of the pillars of behemoth, watching the fight is against Pilar Agiel Nene, after the appearance of Kunieda seen in battle, ofreciendoce to fight in a three to three with Himekawa, but when he had everything controlled Kunieda is up.

Then they begin to face his former high school classmates until he meets face to face with En, who reveals that out of it were to play a game where you bet your bond as friends including his life.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Tomokazu Sugita
General Information Edit
Name: Kanzaki Hajime
Name: 神崎
Romanji: Kanzaki Hajime
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #3
1st anime movie:
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