Kanto (Pokémon World) Characters

Kanto (Pokémon World) is a anime/manga location
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James's Weezing

A Poison type Pokémon owned by James.


She is the Leader of the Fushia City Gym, She took over after Koga went to join the Elite Four.


Member of Team Rocket, Jessie is always after Ash and his friends' Pokemon. With her comrades Meowth and James, she uses her Pokemon for bad intentions, and is always making clumsy mistakes to make her lose her goal or intention.

Jessie's Arbok

A Poison type Pokemon that is owned by Jessie.

Jessie's Dustox

A Bug/Poison Type Pokemon belonging to Jessie. She originally caught her as a Wurmple while in the Hoenn region. While in the Sinnoh Region she released her during the Dustox Crossing so she could start a family.

Jessie's Seviper

A Poison type Pokemon that Jessie (Musashi) caught while in the Hoenn region.


A wealthy woman and James future fiancée. He is afraid of her and is the reason why he ran away from home and joined Team Rocket.

Jigglypuff (anime)

Jigglypuff is a recurring wild Pokémon character in the anime, carrying a marker pen it sings into like a microphone.


She is is a member of Team Rocket. She is also a childhood friend of Gym Leader Ericka.

Kai Midorikawa

He is Isamu Akai rival


Koga is the Leader of the Fushia City gym he uses poison Pokemon and he practices Ninjutsu. He eventually became a member of the Elite Four later on in the series.


A member of the Kanto elite four who uses Dragon type Pokémon who later becomes a Pokémon League Champion.


She is one of Misty's three sisters, and one third of the Cerulean sisters, she was also co leader of the Cerulean gym.


Brock's mother who specializes in training water type Pokemon.


A member of the Kanto Elite Four who specializes in training Ice type Pokemon.

Lt. Surge

Lt.Surge is the 3rd Pokemon gym leader, in Kanto he is in fact the only American in the Series. He uses Electric Pokemon Most Notably a Raichu.


A member of the Hoenn Battle Frontier who is known as Pike Queen Lucy (Tube Queen Azami).


Max is May's younger brother.


May traveled with Ash in the Hoenn region and competed in Pokémon Contests.

May's Munchlax

Munchlax that appeared in the Hoenn Region that was caught by May.

Meowth (Team Rocket)

Pokemon that is a member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie and James.


Mewtwo (anime) is a powerful psychic-type Pokémon created using Mew's DNA.


First of many adventurers to travel with Ash Ketchum on his Pokémon journey. Misty specializes in water type Pokémon.

Misty's Psyduck

A water type Pokemon belonging to Misty who has a frequently headache.

Misty's Staryu

One of Misty's main battling Pokémon in the original anime series.

Misty's Togetic

A Normal type Pokémon. Togepi was known as the second of the generation 2 Pokémon seen in the anime and was obtained by Misty. Later evolved into Togetic.


Jessie's Mother who was a high ranking member of Team Rocket.

Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is one of many identical nurses positioned in every town and village in the Pokémon series, and are trained to treat Pokémon injuries at the Poke-Center.

Officer Jenny

She is the police officer found in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh looking for criminals and pokemon poachers.


One of the members of the Team Rocket Team "The Three Beasts".


He is he younger brother of Pistachio


Red's fourth Pokemon and one of his closest companions.

Pink Butterfree

A wild pink Butterfree Ash's Butterfree fell in love with


He is florist and a pokemon trainer


She is an exorcist-in-training.She is in love with Peanut

Professor Oak

He is the authority on Pokémon. He gave Ash his Pikachu.


Red is the star of the first arc of Pokémon Special (known as Pokémon Adventures in America).


Ritchie is a Trainer from the anime series, he is almost an exact replica Of Ash.


She is the Leader of The Saffron city Pokemon gym she specializes in using Psychic type Pokemon.

Sabrina's Kadabra

Sabrina's main Pokémon, it evolved from Abra into Kadabra while battling against Ash's Pikachu.


Ritchie's Pikachu, identifiable by the scruff of fur on it's head.


The Frontier Brain and master of the Battle Frontier's Battle Palace.

Todd Snap

He is a professional Pokémon photographer.

Tracey Sketchit

A Pokemon watcher who travels with Ash during his time in the Orange Archipelago, replacing Brock as the third member of the group for a period of time.


She is one of Misty's Sisters, and one third of the cerulean Sisters, she was also co-gym leader


She is a member of Team Rocket


Yellow is a character from the Pokémon manga, she can heal Pokémon and hear their thoughts.


Ritchie's Charmeleon, first seen as a Charmander.

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