Kanto (Pokémon World)

Kanto (Pokémon World) is a anime/manga location
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Kanto is the region Ash Ketchum lives and where the first initial Pokémon journey begins.

Kanto is the first place where Pokémon began, it is the home of Ash's first journey and the home of Professor Oak.

  1. Pallet Town, this is where Oak's Lab is located.
  2. Viridian City is known as the gate to the Pokémon League, The gym leader uses Ground type Pokémon.
  3. Pewter City The gym leader uses Rock type Pokémon.
  4. Cerulean City, The gym leaders uses Water type Pokémon.
  5. Vermillion City the gym leader uses Electric type Pokémon.
  6. Lavender Town this city is home of the Ghost Pokémon.
  7. Saffron City, the gym leader uses Psychic type Pokémon, and is home to Silph co.
  8. Celadon City, the 2nd largest city in the Pokemon franchise the Leader uses Grass type Pokémon.
  9. Fuschia City , the leader uses Poison type Pokémon, it is also home to the Safari Zone.
  10. Cinnabar Island, The home of a active volcano, the leader uses Fire type Pokémon.

Other Places

  • Diglett's Cave
  • Cerulean Cave
  • Mt. Moon
  • Virdian Forest
  • Pokémon Mansion
  • Dark Cave
  • Power Plant
  • Victory road
  • Sea Foam Islands
  • Mt. Ember
General Information Edit
Location Name Kanto (Pokémon World)
Japanese Name: カントー地方
Romaji Name: Kantō-chihō
Aliases Kanto (Pokemon World)
1st manga book: Pokémon Adventures #1
1st anime episode: Pokémon #1
1st anime movie: Pokémon: The First Movie
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