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Kanokon is an anime series in the Kanokon franchise
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Akane Asahina

The current class representative in Kouta's class at Kunpo High, she is very strict and seems to always be worrying about Kouta's relationship with Chizuru. She is the object of affection by Tayura Minamoto, but constantly puts down his meek and feeble advances upon her.

Chizuru Minamoto

The busty, aggressive female lead in the anime Kanokon, she attends classes at Kunpo High in Japan. She is in fact a powerful Kitsune demon that falls deeply in love with Kouta Oyamada after laying eyes upon him. Extremely affectionate and not afraid to show her love in public.

Kouta Oyamada

A shy, quiet boy who gets wrapped up in a wild romantic affair with Chizuru Minamoto, Kouta Oyamada is the main male protagonist of the KanoKon franchise, becoming involved with powerful spirits and demons that secretly attend classes at Kunpo High School alongside the normal student population.

Nozomu Ezomori

A first-year student at Kunpo High School, Nozomu looks young, but she really is a 200-year old wolf spirit. She is madly obsessed with Kouta Oyamada after he buys her meat skewers and seeks to make him hers in order to prevent Chizuru from having a litter with him.

Omi Kiriyama

A second-year student at Kunpo High, Omi is one of the many spirits that attend classes there. He has a small rivalry with Tayura Minamoto and is under the supervision of Ryusei Kumada.

Ren and Ai Nanao

Twin-sisters who are in Kouta's first year class at Kunpo High, they are really struggling spirit hunters who were given the task to assasinate Chizuru Minamoto by a "mysterious" girl. They later fail in their mission and eventually come to revere Chizuru like a god (after she buys them dinner)

Ryusei Kumada

A 3rd year student at Kunpo High, Ryusei is the co-leader of the group that keeps the spirits attending classes among the humans in line. He has a cross scar upon his face from a prior incident. He tends to act tough around others in order to intimidate them.

Saku Ezomori

The older brother of Nozomu Ezomori, Saku is in fact a powerful wolf spirit who is very envious of Kouta Oyamada's relationship with Chizuru Minamoto. He makes the hapless Kouta his rival and seeks to steal away his beloved Chizuru from him at all costs.

Takao Yatsuka

Known to most as the tough, serious gym teacher at Kunpo High School, Takao Yatsuka is someone that most try not to anger. He also happens to oversee the activities and actions of the spirits and demons that attend the school.

Tayura Minamoto

The younger brother to Chizuru, he is extremely jealous of her relationship with Kouta. He keeps failing miserably at his meek, feeble attempts to be together with the strict, cold Akane Asahina.


A powerful snow woman spirit that usually works for Chizuru's mother at a hot-spring resort in the mountains. She can manipulate the weather with ease.

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