Kano Seisuke

Kano Seisuke is a anime/manga character in the Hungry Heart Wild Striker franchise
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Brother of Kano Kyosuke, he is the genius soccer player, one who has made the world look towards Japan. Currently plays in AC Milan as a midfielder.

The Japanese star prodigy, who led both his middle school and high school soccer teams to victory in the nationals. He was also considered to be one of the top players of Japan. He was contracted to J - League before he graduated from high school and before 21, he entered AC Milan and became their star player and captain.

Insight and Appearances

Though he is considered to be a child prodigy, a genius, it is not so. Through Kyosuke's and Seisuke's shared childhood memories, we come to know that Seisuke was a very hard worker throughout his childhood. He practiced day and night without fail. Even while having injuries, he never stopped practicing. 

He is shown to be juggling the soccer ball throughout the long, some thousand steps to the shrine. He is also shown to teach Kyosuke about soccer fundamentals, there and then. He was a good brother and the first one, who saw Kyosuke's talent in becoming a world class striker. 

Soccer Achievements during his High School life and as a Professional

Seisuke led his middle school to the nationals and won it even at an early age.

He joined Tenryu during high school and made it win nationals every year while he was there. He was a great leader and everyone respected him. Though he was renowned even from middle school days, during high school, it only intensified. 

Being an overall achiever, he was good in academics also. He was granted the rare "special student" privilege of playing for a J - League team along his high school team, Tenryu. He left as a legend after graduating from Tenryu, the captain's role going to Yuki Kagami, who being Kyosuke's strongest rival, was also called as Kano Seisuke Jr.

Afterwards, he joined AC Milan, and became a star player. He led AC Milan to many victories, including Serie A and Club Championships. He was also a member of Japan Youth, leading Japan for the first time ever to the semi finals.

Personal Life

Seisuke was a great brother and idol for Kyosuke. He taught everything Kyosuke knew about soccer from the basic fundamentals. He always went less stricter about soccer on Kyosuke than he was on himself. 

He told Kyosuke that picking pebbles and other weeds needed to be plucked from the ground as if the ground provided them a place to play and practice soccer, they should also respect it by taking care of it. He also taught Kyouke that juggling the ball is not about how many times one does it but how much control he has over his body, when he does it.

He also used to apologize on behalf of Kyosuke's misdeeds in school, so that they could allow him to continue playing soccer.

He was a caring son. Despite his father always being too busy making soccer footwear and boots, to give the family any time, he always tried finding opportunities to visit him to check on his health and informing the family of the same. When he learned his father had collapsed and he was not told the news, just so that he could play well in the final of Club Championship, he had retaliated. 

Though it was not confirmed in the series, but he appears to be the boyfriend of  Domoto Kaori and told her to look after Kyosuke.

His biggest dream is of winning the World Cup for Japan, with his brother Kyosuke by his side. 
Voiced by
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Takehito Koyasu
General Information Edit
Name: Kano Seisuke
Name: 叶成介
Romanji: Kanō Seisuke
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Hungry Heart : Wild Striker #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Kanou Seisuke
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