Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Characters

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens is an anime series in the Kannagi franchise
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Daitetsu Hibiki

He is one of Jin's friends and also in the art club. Jin wishes he had a man's body like Daitetsu.

Jin Mikuriya

The main Character of Kannagi. A sculpture he made from a tree trunk turns into a girl named Nagi. He must help her rid the world of impurities.

Meguru Akiba

Another member of the art club, he is the group's "Otaku".


A goddess who came to have a human body when a boy carves a sculpture out of a sacred tree.

Reiri Suzushiro

Hakua's father and teacher of religious studies.

Shino Oukouchi

She is the vice-president of the art club. She is quiet and never opens her eyes.

Takako Kimura

The president of the art club. A devoted fan of Nagi and part of her fanclub.

Tsugumi Aoba

Jin's childhood friend who also has a crush on him.


Nagi's twin sister and also a goddess.Zange took over the body of Hakua Suzushiro in order to walk among humans.

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