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Created by the power of the god-like Moderators, Kampfers are specialized female fighters who harbor specialized talents and fighting skills in order to carry out the eternal war between the Red and Blue Moderators. Kampfers fight against each other to the death.


Originally created to act as pawns in the eternal war between the god-like Moderators, Kampfers are in fact human females who are taken under contract by the Bracelet of Oath to serve the Moderators that they become aligned with. Partnered up with a magical plush toy that acts as both their adviser and guide, the Kampfers wage war whenever they come across a rival Kampfer from the other team. They come in three different types that use their special abilities and superhuman talents in order to fight on behalf of their Moderators that they are under contract with. There has never been a confirmed male who has become a Kampfer until the unfortunate teenager Natsuru Seno gets enlisted by the Moderators as a Blue Kampfer.


Kampfers were originally created by Tsukiji Toshihiko for use in the Kampfer manga. They also appear in both of the anime adaptation of the same manga series.

Kampfer Types

There are three types of Kampfers, each specializing in a unique skill set and using specialty weapons or magic to attack rival Kampfers. They are:

  1. Zauber-Type: Specializes in powerful magical attacks and abilities in order to fight their foes. Example: Fire (Natsuru) and Ice (Hitomi) Zauber users.
  2. Schwert-Type: Specializes in lethal, deadly swords/daggers/blade-based weapons in order to fight their foes. Examples: Chain and Daggers (Shizuku), Sword (Sayaka), and Katana (Mikoto)
  3. Gewehr-Type: Specializes in powerful pistol/rifle/submachine gun-based weapons in order to fight their foes. Examples: Pistol (Akane and Ryouka)

Bracelet of Oath

The Bracelet of Oath is a magical bracelet that appears on the right wrist of the individual who has been selected by the Moderators to become either a Red or Blue Kampfer. It can not be removed from their wrist (being magically bound to the person's body) and shows the color alliance of the individual in question. The bracelet is the source of their power, granting them access to their superhuman talents and specialize skills whenever they transform into their Kampfer forms. Later in the anime series, a third team of Kampfers (White Kampfers under the guidance of Kaede Sakura) are formed when the Reds (Shizuku/Mikoto) and Blues (Akane/Natsuru) stop fighting each other and team up together in order to resist the will of their Moderator masters.

Miscellaneous Info

  • Since all Kampfers are female, it is believed that only females would be put under contract by the Moderators to become Kampfers for their team. There is no reported case of any male subjects that are placed under contract to become a Kampfer, since the subject must be a woman in order to use their abilities in battle. This trend, however, was broken when Natsuru Seno, a teenage male who had gotten one of the enchanted plush toys from Kaede Sakura, the girl that he loves and has strong feeling for. He becomes one of the first male subject ever to become a Kampfer, and it comes with a price: he must change genders whenever he transforms to and from his Kampfer form.


The following characters are split up into their appropriate teams (Red/Blue/White Kampfers) that appear in the franchise (as of this posting, the ones in the anime series). They are as follows:

Red Kampfers

  1. Shizuku Sango
  2. Mikoto Kondo

Blue Kampfers

  1. Akane Mishima
  2. Natsuru Seno

White Kampfers

  1. Hitomi Minagawa
  2. Sayaka Nakao
  3. Ryouka Yamakawa

Kampfer's Involvement in the Kampfer Franchise (Anime/Manga)


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