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Kämpfer is an manga series in the Kämpfer franchise
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Akane Mishima

A timid, shy school librarian at the Co-ed High School and one of Natsuru's few friends. Her Blue Kämpfer form is a mean-spirited red-head who carries a pistol and packs quite the arsenal of verbal slangs to use against others. She develops a crush on Natsuru in time.

Harakiri Tora

Kaede Sakura

A normal girl with a large collection of stuffed Zōmotsu Animal dolls. She harbors a crush on the female Natsuru.

Mikoto Kondō

The childhood friend of Natsuru Seno who spends most of her childhood traveling abroad with her archaeologist father, Mikoto Kondo returns from her adventures around the world and meets up with Natsuru. Unknown to her, he now is a Blue Kampfer, the enemies of Red Kampfers like herself.

Natsuru Senō

An average guy who woke up one day to find himself changed into a Kämpfer, Natsuru Seno is unexpectedly thrust into the secret war between both Red and Blue Kampfers. Has the ability to summon and cast potent fire attacks from his hands, but only when in his girl form.

Rika Ueda

A White Kampfer armed with a kusarigama.

Shizuku Sangō

Smart, beautiful, and deadly President of the Student Council who also happens to be a Kämpfer. Wields a pair of chained daggers, and seeks to expose the identity of the Moderator.

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