Kämpfer is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 2 manga series
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A new anime series for the Fall 2009 anime season. It is a blend of Action and Ecchi.

 Background Information  
Kampfer is a series in which the main Character Natsuru, learns that he is one of the chosen people know as Kampfer. Each kampfer has one of three fighting styles. Gewehr type Kampfer use guns as their primary form of attack.  Zauber type use magic as means of attack, and normally it is elementally based; such as Natsuru who uses a fire form of Zauber. The final type is Schwert types, who use hand to hand combat weapons, such as daggers or swords. Each Kampfer has to transform into their alternate persona in order to obtain their weapons, which appear upon transformation. When in their Kampfer form all people take on a female body, with a different appearance and often times varied personality profile. Each Kampfer also has a messenger, which takes the form of a doll, who are normally morbidly themed. Each Kampfer has a bracelet, which signifies which team they are on Red or Blue. At first a new Kampfer is unable to control transformations, which are triggered by the presence of other kampfer; but after some time the change becomes controllable. The Red and Blue teams have been told by their messengers that they must fight the other team to the death, because it is the will of the moderators. The moderators are a relatively obscure group, who are only explained to a minor effect later in the series. 
The story starts with the main character, natsuru being chased by a mysterious girl with a gun, who expresses the clear intention of killing natsuru. After a rather bizarre chase, which leaves much unexplained the main character wakes up at his house only to find that he is a girl; and that the events of the previous night were not a mere dream, but rather reality. The show follows Natsuru as he/her attempts to better understand the Kampfer system, while at the same time realize feelings for one of the girls who yearn for his love, or in one case her love. It is a rather light show, which contains some crude jokes and references. The main theme is Harem, with some hints of Yuri. It is a rahter action packed show, with ecchi present. 
General Information Edit
Name: Kämpfer
Aliases: Kampfer
Anime and Manga
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