Kamisama Kiss Characters

Kamisama Kiss is an anime series in the Kamisama Hajimemashita franchise
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Ami Nekota

A friend of Kei and Nanami. She has a huge crush on Kurama.


The familiar of the lake goddess. He is very angry all the time.


A classmate of Nanami's. He is a pervert and enjoys terrorizing his female classmates.


An exiled yokai. She resembles a mermaid and is a con-artist who doesn't get many customers.


The wife of the sea god. She is prone to beating him up when displeased.


A friend of Nanami and Ami. She is always breaking up and getting back together with her boyfriend.


One of two of the spirits of the Mikage shrine.


A yokai who abandoned his shrine. He is now a famous musician.


The land god before Nanami. He is afraid of dogs.


The old familiar to a goddess who has long since been dead. He is light-hearted and fun.

Nanami Momozono

The main character from Kamisama Kiss. Suddenly given the responsibilities of Land God.


The thunder diety. She is bipolar and has an obsession for Tomoe.

Numano Himemiko

The lake goddess. She fell in love with a human boy.


One of the two will'o'the wisps that belong to the Mikage shrine.


The wind deity. He is good friends with Mikage and often watches over Nanami and Tomoe with him.

Sukuna Ryuuou

The water deity. He has waited over four hundred years to take revenge on Tomoe.


A fox yokai who serves as the familiar of the land god.


The boy Himemiko fell in love with. He is a shy nerdish boy without many friends.


The lover of Tomoe from over five hundred years ago.

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